Day 69: Chugging Along

March 2, 2011 at 9:21 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Crochet | 2 Comments
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Knowing that the boy is doing really well cooking on the inside, I no longer feel guilty counting down the days.  We don’t have an official induction date yet and am told we will get that next weeks sometime.  BUT.  I can count down to 36 weeks.  So that means we have 2 weeks 6 days  to go!  Yesterday the Nurse Manager checked in with us and Kayvan asked about the record for the longest stay.  I am very happy to announce that I will NOT be beating the record of 110 days.  110 days.  Poor woman.  If I go to 36 weeks exactly it will be a little over 90 days in the hospital and that is including recovery from the delivery.

Kayvan is very good at making sure I follow doctors orders in here.  ..which I need.  However, I have to tell you that our vet was very specific with her discharge instructions and Kayvan broke the rules last night.  The vet said Sookie can go without the e-collar on while she is in his sight but she should wear the e-collar to bed.  Well, Kayvan seems to miss having a cuddle buddy in bed so Sookie got to take my place…sans e-collar.  I knew he was going to do that.  I suppose it is okay for now since Sookie really can’t reach her stitches to lick them.  I’m sure she will try once those bad boys start to itch.

For those of you on the outside who can actually go to the movies check out this awesome deal.  Two movie tickets for $9.00.

I made a few new hats yesterday and made it through my second night with Kayvan.

Here are the hats!  Click the photo for the Etsy link.



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  1. sookie definitely is a good cuddle buddy.

    • So jealous of Kayvan right now. I’ve got a funny video I’ll send you tomorrow…or maybe I’ll post it on the blog. Seems Chunk has made her a good little guard dog.

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