Day 68: 33 Weeks!

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We have officially made it to 33 weeks!  Just one week left until they schedule me for induction and 3 weeks left until I am 36 weeks.  We are just trucking along now!  I have never been one to wish away time but things change and I want the next three weeks to FLY by.  After that, time can slow down again.

Kayvan and I spent some time yesterday laughing at the baby sticking his booty out to the right of his belly button.  This boy was STRETCHING and my belly was SO lopsided.  I said to Kayvan, “There he goes, showing his ass again.”  To which Kayvan responded, “Looks like he got your butt!” 

We have officially started off with another set of residents today.  I’m on my 3rd rotation of residents now.  This sucks for me because it means I need to re-train the new eager little beaver.  I wouldn’t mind the absolute excitement if the residents rounded after 8:00 a.m. but they round BEFORE 8:00 a.m.  I used to be a morning person, but in here that is one thing I am NOT.  I don’t have much to do so I want to sleep in.  This morning, my new resident knocked on my door SO hard that I began to wonder if the police were outside trying to get me to let them in.  When I didn’t answer the first time she did it again…and again.  I still didn’t answer and eventually she came in and flicked the lights on.  Really?  Do you need lights?  My hair is a mess and I look like crap because I just woke up.  You do not need to see my face to hear the words come out of my mouth.  Oh, and don’t get too close because I’m sure I have morning breath.  Before introducing myself, I told her that the residents do not typically wake me up all the way so early in the morning.  They lightly tap the door once and walk in, leaving the lights off.  Hopefully she remembers this at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.  She seems nice enough and I might like her if it weren’t her job to bug me so early every day.  She asked how I was feeling then seemed to struggle to remember what questions she had to ask me.  So I assisted…clear fluid, no stomach pain, baby is moving fine, no bleeding, etc, etc, etc.  I’m tempted to put a sign on my door every night with my answers for the world to see.  I’m sure they would still interrupt my beauty sleep regardless.

To kick of our 33 week mark with a bang, this boy decided that he was going to be a total pain.  I sat on the non stress test forever this morning…well over an hour and a half.  I drank apple juice, chugged my ice water and shifted sides numerous times.  Not only would this child not wake up, when he did he wouldn’t stay on the monitor…so that meant an ultrasound.  Sookie stayed at the vet overnight after her spay and Kayvan was just about to leave to go get her.  Luckily the ultrasound tech was free so he was able to join us.  The boy scored an 8/8 on his biophysical profile (BPP).  He practiced breathing AND the amniotic fluid levels were back to NORMAL.  NORMAL!  Keep in mind that we just had an ultrasound yesterday and the fluid levels were at 2.89…today they were at a whopping 6.2.  I was thrilled.  I just got out of the shower and my nurse mentioned something about his weight.  I looked at her quizzically because I didn’t know they took the weight estimate.  I like this particular ultrasound tech but she never lets me see the final screen when she is done with the ultrasound like the other techs do.  That means I have to ask the nurses for updates when I get back.  So back to the weight.  They did take a weight and this boy is estimated at 5 pounds 8 ounces!  Did you read that?!  5 1/2 pounds!!!  That puts him in the 77th percentile.  I am SO ecstatic.  Now, I hope he still fits into newborn clothes when he is born because we sure got a lot of them.  He has gained 1 pound 1 ounce in the past 3 weeks.  If he keeps it up at this consistent pace, this boy could be 6 lbs 9 ounces at birth (so long as he is born 3 weeks from now).  Now, let’s flash back to his weight estimate in December when we were so scared he would be born at under 2 pounds.  We certainly have a lot to be thankful for!

Because of the ultrasound Kayvan was a bit late picking Sookie up from the vet.  I called the vet as soon as I got back from the ultrasound and she gave me a download.  She talked to Kayvan yesterday and told him that Sookie did SO well.  She had been up for an hour when the vet called and she said that Sookie was just sitting in the kennel looking around observant (typical of her) trying to figure out what is going on.  This morning our vet remarked how incredibly sweet Sookie is.  She said that she had been out on a leash without the e-collar on and she did really well, she wasn’t remotely interested in her stitches.  I told her that is because Sookie knows she can’t reach her butt!  She also got to sniff around with the other Frenchies at the office for a bit and she was very well behaved.  Our vet said that Sookie ate well this morning too.  She turned her nose up at the Science diet they tried feeding her so the vet went into her dog’s personal stash and gave her some wet food which was immediately scarfed up.  Is it obvious that she is absolutely spoiled?  Kayvan said she was SO happy to see him when he got there and she tried jumping up on him but he calmed her down.  The vet that discharged her (not our vet) joked with Kayvan that they are keeping her.  NOOOO way…in the words of Bill Compton, “Sookie is MINE!”







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  1. I am so happy that lil’ man has decided to put on some poundage! Good job momma at keeping him inside to cook a little longer. Here’s to another three weeks! Maybe I’ll get to visit one more time before he joins us! xoxo

  2. Haha love that you got to drop the True Blood line! 😉 Cannot wait until June!!! But back to the main point, woohoo on those fluid levels! Way to make that baby pee!!!

    But uhhh…I guessed the baby weight at 5lbs, 9 oz, and I want to win, so you’re not allowed to eat anymore. K? Deal? ^_^

    • LOL girl, you’ll have to pry the fork from my cold dead hands. This preggie only has 3 weeks to eat without restraint and damnit, I’m gonna eat!!

      Besides, the ultrasound measurements can be off by 2 lbs.

  3. So happy that your LO is in the 77th percentile! That is amazing! Also, glad to heat that you received such a great score on the BPP. Keep on truckin’!!

    • Thanks! Less than 3 weeks to go! Now I don’t feel guilty for counting down.

    • By the way! Finished that hat for you! It is in the day 69 post…the blue one!

  4. Wow, I can’t believe baby R will be here in a few weeks! I’m so glad everyone is doing well, including Sookie. Get plenty of rest while you can, if the residents will let you 😉

  5. Me either! I’m racking my brain to think of everything we need to do. Kayvan is washing clothes tonight and I’m buying nursing supplies tomorrow. He asked me for a list of stuff to wash and I was like UUUUUHHHHH. I’ve seen everything we have ONCE. So much harder to do it from a hospital bed. We will deal and he will probably make a MILLION trips to the store when we get home. I’m hoping my Doc will write a prescription for the breast pump…otherwise that will be one of his first trips out!

    It’s feeling pretty real right now but I have a feeling it will become even more real when they schedule the induction date next week. Best part is that we get to go home very soon!

    • I washed only the newborn to 3 months clothes to begin with. We did so much laundry in the beginning because of her reflux. I think 2-3 loads a day. Her reflux has gotten a lot better, so we’re down to one load every 1.5-2 days 🙂 Before you buy a pump, consider renting one first to try out from the hospital. You can’t return pumps and you never know, I’ve heard some women can’t get anything out with pumping. You’ll probably get a Rx for the pump since he’s early, then your insurance can pay for it 🙂 I’m using Tiffany’s with new pump attachments. I’m so excited for you!

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