Day 66: Who Was a Total Pill Yesterday?

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Me, me, meeee!!!

My poor husband deserves an award.  Most days, I have to admit, I am a remarkably awesome person to spend all of your time with.  Yesterday was NOT one of those days.  I wasn’t grumpy or mean, I was just a total whiny pain.  I cannot tell you how many times “I’m BORRRRRRRRED” came out of my mouth.  He knew to do nothing about my complaint.  I have plenty to do and have always been a self starter.  He knows that if I really and truly wanted to do something about my boredom I could have picked up a book (I have about 20 that I still need to make my way through), I could crochet, watch a DVD, play on the internet, call or text with friends, the list goes on…I have plenty to DO.  Problem is, yesterday just was not a patient day for me and I was SO not up for the repetition.  It didn’t help that we lost about 10 channels on TV here, one being TLC.  I don’t know how that happens but it has happened once before during my 9 week stay.  So I re-discovered an old addiction.  Bejeweled on my phone. I quickly went from no score to kicking my friend’s butts (thank you facebook connect).  I still haven’t managed to figure out how one of my old college buddies gets scores in the 700,000s.   She must play all hours of the day.  Addict.

In addition to the call of “I’m BOOOOOORRRED” I picked up an additional “I wanna go hooooome” chant as well.  Let me clarify for you that this is not me requesting to go home now.  I do not want to go home with a ruptured amniotic sac.  I know how unsafe that is, especially since my placenta continues to act up.  I also do not want to have this baby before 36 weeks.  What I mean by “I want to go home” is that I want a time travel machine and I want it to already be 5 weeks from now.  I want to know that this baby will be absolutely healthy and that he will come home with us rather than having to spend time in the NICU.  Anyone need a test dummy for a time travel machine?  You have found the perfect candidate.  I have never questioned whether my husband loves me.  But if was ever uncertain about his love for me, the fact that he stayed here with me yesterday answered that very question.

Momma-in-law and Kayvan’s Aunt came by for a bit yesterday.  They both brought cookies for ME.  Momma-in-law brought thin mints and his Aunt brought Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies.  Yummy yummy.  I say they brought cookies for ME because despite all of the whining I did yesterday, Kayvan needs to remember that I am the patient here, I am chained to a hospital bed and while they are his family, they are here visiting me.  Especially since he wasn’t even here when they originally got here.  Also, if he wants more thin mints, he can very simply purchase them on his way out of the grocery store.  But he doesn’t.  Of course, this entire paragraph is in jest (or some of it is anyway).  I share my thin mints with him.  I promise.  Now my Samoas, thank goodness he doesn’t like those things and I can at least have a box to myself.  I would have had TWO boxes to myself had my brother’s friend not eaten some of my girl scout cookie order “accidentally.”  At least, that is my brother’s story.

I slept pretty horribly last night.  (Warning, for those of you not interested in the intricacies of my medical condition, you will want to skip this paragraph.)  I woke up for no reason last night at 3:30 a.m.  Or I thought it was for no reason.  I amazingly didn’t have to waddle my pregnant self into the bathroom.  I knew the nurse would be coming in for a 4 a.m. vital check soon so I tried to stay awake.  I could have called the nurse and told her I was up if she wanted to do my vital check but I kept telling myself, she will be here in a minute anyway…and fell back asleep.  I woke again at 5…again for no reason but this time decided to use the restroom since the nurse would for sure be here any minute since she was an hour late.  Turns out I woke at 3:30 because I had blood in my amniotic fluid AGAIN.  It just went back to normal 4 days ago.  I seriously cannot get a break.  So I quietly whispered to Kayvan what was going on, that I felt fine and that he was probably going to be woken by voices in a minute.  The whole blood thing was nowhere near as bad as last week’s episode so I wasn’t worried but my job is to tell the nurse if I have any changes.  She came in, hooked me up on the monitors, asked what they did the last time this happened and took my overdue vitals.  When the nurse asked about what they did last time, I subconsciously omitted the part about an IV being shoved into my arm.  Baby boy was absolutely fine on the monitors aside from being sleepy.  The doctors were in the middle of a surgery so the resident came up to check things out and ask the same 4 questions I get 15 times a day plus a few extra for the bleed.  She looked at the non-stress test strip and was not alarmed.  Good baseline heart rate, a few accelerations and absolutely zero contractions or uterine irritations.  We let baby continue on the monitors for a while and called that my non stress test for the day.  I already have an ultrasound on Monday but I am pretty confident that it will be same sh!t different day as to why I had the bleed.  My placenta SUCKS.  Hell, at least it is still feeding the baby.

After all of that excitement so early in the morning you would think I could go back to sleep.  NOOOPE.  I played bejeweled for a bit to make myself tired, then I woke at about 8 to a resident who obviously didn’t read my chart from the night before.  She asked “Are you feeling ok?”  I answered, “Yes.”  “Still leaking clear, normal fluid?”  “Uh huh, but…” And she was gone before I could clarify about the bleed last night.  Eh, my doctor will read my chart…and the nurse read my chart.  It’s fine.  The poor residents hate rounding as much as I do.

I think my grumpyassedness from yesterday was because my placenta told my brain about its plans and my brain didn’t like it.  My body just didn’t communicate to me before my placenta took action.  Yes, I’m tired and I’m sure the last sentence makes sense to no one other than me.

It’s a darn good thing my #1 nap buddy is coming to visit me today!!  Kayvan is off to get Sookie and the will probably be back soon!  I’m determined to be less of a pill today.  If anyone can help me achieve that, it’s my girl.



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  1. The way to score 700,000+ is to have your husband first score 700,000 and then you are determined to best him! (At least, that’s how I woulnd up with bejewelled scores close to 800,00!)

  2. OK first, I have mad jealousy about the Samoas and think I am gong to send my hubbie off on a girl scout-cookie expedition in the near future. Secondly, while I also would be PO’d if they took away my TLC, I would be partly relieved not to have to sit through another episode of a Baby Story, in which moms have the leisure of carrying full-term and have never heard the concept of hospital bed rest (yes I am bitter and I think today I took a dose of your grumpyasseddness that you took yesterday)

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