Day 65: I Want New Clothes

February 26, 2011 at 9:10 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 3 Comments
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Not that I can wear them or anything, but I want new clothes.  New, non-maternity clothes…that aren’t nightgowns…and that are in my pre-pregnancy size.  I miss my clothes in general.  I miss my maternity clothes which I was only able to wear once or twice.  I’m sure I’ll be wearing the maternity jeans for a few weeks postpartum.  I may even get to wear a sweater or two before I shove them in storage boxes, depending on the weather when I get out of here.  The other day The Limited, one of my favorite stores had 40% off of all of their clothes in store and online.  I will have a new job when I go back to work and I think that warrants a few new clothes.  If that doesn’t, sitting in here for weeks on end most certainly does.  Trouble is, I don’t have any idea what size I will be once I finally lose this baby weight.

Yes, I said baby weight.  I am no longer teeny.  I have totally caught up on the weight gain (yay!  I think?)  I gained 6 pounds last week and it obviously wasn’t amniotic fluid.  We will see when they weigh me tonight exactly how much more I have gained.  I have a belly which people have started calling “huge.”  I’m not complaining, I’m happy about it.  However, if it isn’t amniotic fluid it BETTER be that little man is turning into a chunkin.

Kayvan and I had a gamut of questions for the doctor when we saw her this morning.  This whole ecogenic bowel thing has been in the back of my mind for a long while.  We don’t know what it is but have been operating on the deductive reasoning that it is probably due to the baby swallowing my blood.  The doctor says that if the entire bowel appears bright on the ultrasound, which it does, it typically is just blood in the uterus that the baby swallowed.  Sometimes it helps to hear the same thing over and over again.  Soooo, I’ll go back to not worrying about it until it is a problem.  If the doctor isn’t concerned neither am I–or at least that is what I will continue to tell myself.  Next question?  What if my fluid continues to be as low as it is?  She says that as long as baby is okay with the fluid levels, as he has been on the non stress tests, then I get to stay pregnant.  The nurse told me this, but I needed to hear it from the doctor.  So then I made sure we are still looking at delivering at 34-36 weeks, but leaning closer to 36 and she said yes, which makes me happy.  We were given the caveat that if the fluid levels continue to be low, they may deliver at 34 weeks rather than 36 due to the baby just getting too big.  The bigger he gets, the more he needs the fluid to keep him from compressing the cord.  If he gets too big with low fluid levels, the risk for cord compression is elevated.  Cord compression, in case it isn’t obvious, is bad because that is baby’s oxygen supply and we don’t want any suffocation going on in there.  Kayvan asked when they will schedule the induction and the doc confirmed that they typically schedule inductions 2 weeks out.  That means on 3/8 we will be given an induction date.  These next few weeks cannot go by fast enough!  Though, they seem to have slowed down.

The non-stress test went well.  Kiddo took a bit longer to hit his 15x15s than I would have liked but we got there.

I get to see my Sookie dog tomorrow!!!  Can’t wait!



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  1. Congrats on the weight gain! that is excellent. 🙂

    • Thx! Too bad I lost an entire pound last week (found out last night)…it isn’t because I’m not eating though. I’m being a total pig! I think it is the fluid loss.

  2. Jamie, Having made it this far is amazing. Little Man is doing awesome. I’m sure he’ll be super fabulous if he’s born at 34 or 36 weeks. (Fingers crossed for 36.)

    I’m sorry you didn’t get to wear all of your maternity clothes…yet. I have my fingers crossed (again) that you will need them again in a year or two! 🙂

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