Day 63: Sookie Update

February 24, 2011 at 4:43 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Sookie the French Bulldog | 14 Comments
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Our little French Bulldog pup has been staying with our awesome friends as I have mentioned a few times previously.  She e-mails us a lot and when she does I post it to this blog.  Sookie says she likes our friends, their dog and their twins.  The twins like her too.  Last week, little Lucy told her momma that Sookie is her best friend.

Little Miss Sookie has to be spayed…and it has to be done before her heat cycle which will likely be early May.  Kayvan and I have been talking about when to spay her.  The original plan was to spay her in January but considering I landed in the hospital at the end of December we had to change our plans.  I keep thinking about when the right time to spay her will be…before baby comes home, or after baby.  The other day, Kayvan and decided that it has to be done before baby so that she can heal and won’t associate her pain with this new thing that is screaming all hours of the day (and night) in her house.  I called our amazing vet to get her opinion the other day and she agreed.  The vet says we could push it to mid-April but baby boy will be here by then.  SO Sookie is getting spayed this coming Monday.

That means I have to share my husband-nurse with my dog.  He is going to pick Sookie up from our friend’s house this weekend and bring her to visit me for a day.  Nice little perk for me.  But then the poor girl has to go into the vet Monday  morning.  She will have an overnight stay and then go home with Kayvan for 9 days.  That means he won’t be here with me every night.  I’ll be fine.  Sook needs him to take care of and cuddle her.  They have nurses here for me and there is no way I would burden my friends with a healing doggie.  Not to mention how impossible it would be to keep her still with their dog and kids to play with all the time.  Sookie may also be able to come visit me while she is healing.  We will have to see how she is with her stitches and if we really should bring her up or not.  Once her stitches (or staples…I can’t remember) come out after the 10th day Sookie will go back to our friend’s house until baby makes his appearance.

I look forward to seeing Sookie this weekend.  Matter of fact, I cannot wait.  I just feel bad to put her through this and not be there.  I hate adding more to Kayvan’s plate too.  We have agreed that this is less than ideal…all of it is…but this is the best solution to getting sh*t done.  Especially if our dog is expected to like our kid as much as she likes everyone else’s.  This means that this kid HAS to stay put at least until her stitches/staples come out March 10th.  Completely possible.

Baby boy had a really good non stress test this morning.  He had 3, 15x15s in 30 minutes.  Never mind that he was wiggling and swishing around so much in there that I had to hold the monitor on him the entire time.  Either we made lots more fluid yesterday or he is just completely okay with it because he’s moving like crazy.  I’m hoping it is that we made more fluid yesterday.



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  1. Good luck to Miss Sook! I know all will be well!

    @Kayvan – Hellllloooooooo nurse! 😉

    Lily is getting spayed next Wednesday! Guess next week is officially the “no one’s going to have a baby” week! 🙂

    • Wait, Lily is being spayed Wednesday? For some reason I thought you said a few weeks from now. Kisses and cuddles to her too.

      LOL @ no one’s going to have a baby week.

      • Yeah, I said March 2 but I think I was thinking it was a couple weeks away…but it’s NOT! Then Nurse Justin is going to have to care for her while I’m with the family in Florida March 7 – 11! LOL The things our guys have to do for us. 😉

  2. I am currently 34 weeks and I have been reading your post since day 2. I had my first NST today. My little man was also a pill and would not hold still. I too had to sit and hold the monitor piece down on my belly because he kept moving too far away from it. He however did not do his 15×15’s like he was suppose to. I thought of you and have to say you inspire me. I cannot believe you have to do that every morning and not to mention the long stay. Just think you are almost there. I will continue my prayers for you.

    • I swear, apple juice worked for the 10x10s but not for the 15x15s. Now I just leave it to his own good will and drink lots of cold water while I’m on the NST.

      So sweet of you to say that I inspire you. Really, I don’t think what I’m doing is inspirational, just practicing lots of patience. It’s getting me ready for everything else this little trouble maker will put me through in life!

  3. I also forgot to mention that I used to be a vet tech and have assisted in many spayings. Sookie will do just fine. If she is as sassy as you say, she will be back to her old self with a day or two. Your little girl will bounce back much quicker than we ever will. Don’t worry too much about her, she needs her mama to be healthy, not stressed out.

  4. Hope your doggie heals quickly. Oh BTW, did they measure baby’s estimate weight at your last u/s? Maybe you posted that but I don’t remember. Just curious! They told me today that my little girl is 4llb 12oz already, which is 75th percentile. We have the same due date so I was just curious.

    • I won’t get another measure til next week. 2 weeks ago he was 3 lbs 7 oz, right at the 50th percentile.

      I would looooove for him to be close to 5 next week like yours.

  5. That is absolutely the most adorable dog!!!! Love the pearl collar!!!

    • Ha, thanks! Should I admit that it isn’t a pearl collar? It’s my necklace. 🙂

  6. The pearls are awesome. Sookie is in the middle of writing you, but you know… opposable thumbs …

    • Haha, what, it’s harder to type without them?!

  7. Yay for more fluid! I got my cat fixed when she was 6months old, 2 weeks later the male we now have turned up at our door. She hates him…dont know if it is because of the fact she was just spayed, or if it is because she is just psychotic. Im thinking the latter of the two.
    I love the picture of Sookie, the bling bling is a great touch. Keep that little one cooking!

    • It is actually less fluid 😦 I’m working on more though. I know sook will do just fine. Poor (psychotic) kitty. LOL.

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