Day 60: I Think Kayvan is Nesting

February 22, 2011 at 3:35 AM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Crochet | Leave a comment
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As the subject line says, I think Kayvan is nesting.  Really.  He may have pregnancy brain too.  Last night he mentioned how badly he needs to go spend time at home and straighten the house up.  Of course, I told him to go and spend some time there today since he had the day off work.  He is a pretty tidy person in general but the fact that he is so worried about getting the house straight frightens me a bit.  I don’t want to imagine what my house looks like right now.  He says that he just wants to finish the baby’s room, get clothes cleaned and get all of the boxes from the new stuff we have out of the house.  I mean, the Christmas tree is still up.  Let’s face it, our house is being a bit neglected at the moment.  I keep telling him it’s okay and it can wait but he disagrees.

Kayvan went out to run two errands for me today.  The first, to ship off a few hats.  The second, to go to the craft store and pick up more yarn.  He went to the post office then texted me that he is going to Home Depot.  Okay, sure.  He got back and I asked what he got from Home Depot and then noticed that he didn’t have any bags with him.  So I asked if he made it to the craft store.  His response was a wrinkled nose and obvious frustration.  I felt so bad but I could also relate.  I can’t remember crap these days.  It’s a good thing he was pretty restless in here today, he had no problem running back out for me…except maybe having to pay for parking a second time.  He was able to talk the attendant into letting him by at no charge this one time.

We had a few visitors today too, hence the late post.  Aimee came by with baby shower presents.  She missed the shower last week since she woke up feeling a bit sick and didn’t want to infect me.  She brought crib gear along for the little one and the adorable lamp that matches his bedroom set.  I love it.  She also brought along a gift from her momma.  A handmade blanket, hat and booties.  All crocheted by “Grandmamma Wanda.”  The set is BEAUTIFUL.  One thing that really blew my mind is that the blanket is made from the exact same yarn Kayvan picked for the baby papoose.  So, we have a full set.

My co-worker Kim stopped by with another co-worker, Shannon.  We laughed and talked about things like elephant births.  Did you know that elephants are pregnant for 2 years and their babies are  200 pounds when born?  Ya, I heard it once but that is something you put out of your mind.  Shannon says there is a video of an elephant giving birth.  I told her I do not want to see it.

I made 3 new hats today and got a good start on a baby papoose as well.  I’ll get pictures up for you soon enough.  Probably tomorrow since this blog is so late.

I have a new night nurse tonight but my night nurse from last night stopped by to say hi at the beginning of her shift.  I may be wrong but I think these women like me in here.  I mean, I like them so it’s only fair, right?

All in all today went well.  The kid behaved and the day flew by.  Kayvan on the other hand may tell you the day dragged along.  He spent about an hour bored out of his mind and not knowing quite what to do about it.  I’m beginning to think this whole hospital stay is getting to him.


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