Day 59: Fun Day with Family

February 21, 2011 at 1:16 AM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 4 Comments
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My dad, brother and future sister-in-law, Kelly came to visit today.  With them they brought the Christmas presents they got for the baby.  It was quite a flash back to see Christmas paper in the room.  They even said they felt a bit silly carrying Christmas wrapping paper up to the room.  I had a rule on the 23rd.  No baby presents.  I didn’t know a) if I could handle it and b) how baby would be if he were born understanding the risks of him being born so soon.  So today we opened baby presents.  And they were all incredibly adorable.  Of course, my brother got a bunch of football related attire for our boy.  A cute little hibiscus printed onsie/polo really cracked me up.  I loved it.  My brother blamed my sister-in-law for the choice.  Kelly also brought a shower gift for us.  An adorable monkey hooded bath towel with a wash cloth mitt was Kayvan’s favorite. I wonder if he will share with the baby…no, this hospital stay isn’t making us crazy.  We were like that before I was admitted.

I made a few hats today but ran out of green yarn so Kayvan has to run to the store in order for me to keep cracking on these things.  Also, awesome momma in law went to the house to steam clean the carpets today.  One more thing to scratch off the baby list.  Woot!

I am pretty frugal and so is my brother, so while he was here we signed up for amazon mom and I got some way cheap diapers.  I paid $1.45 on Huggies size 1-2 192 ct diapers.  How  I signed up for Amazon Mom and used a coupon that I found in Parents Magazine.  Here is how it breaks out:

Price:  $30.65

30% Subscribe and Save discount:  -$9.20

Parents Magazine Coupon:  -$10.00

Free amazon prime means no shipping.

$10.00 in Swagbucks Amazon Gift Cards which didn’t cost me a penny (you should totally sign up for Swagbucks if you don’t already have an account.

Total spent:  $1.45 that’s .007 cent per diaper.

Awesome hubby also brought an extra special breakfast today.  Pancake House Crepes.  I opted for strawberry, he went for the banana nutella.  The baby must have loved my choice because he was incredibly reactive on the non-stress test this morning.  Pretty, right?  Especially the fancy plates.



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  1. LOL that is SO something my DH would do. Very cute towel.

    • Haha, good. Mine keeps me entertained.

  2. I love that you still have your christmas tree up.

    • And birthday decorations, and valentines day decorations…and soon to be St. Patty’s day decorations. I figure, if my tree is still up at home, it may as well be here. 🙂 That and I can’t exactly take anything down being on bed rest and all.

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