Day 56: Perspective

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Last night I turned on the television show “I Shouldn’t be Alive.”  I couldn’t sleep and Kayvan likes the show so I decided to be a nice wife and share the TV.    I was only half paying attention to the show but the guy on last night’s show spent 70-some odd days at sea…in a teeny tiny little inflatable boat.  His life went to hell after a divorce and looking for escape he left for a long sail to some tropical island.  He ran into trouble at sea and found himself lost at sea in a dingy.   This guy had essentially no food, ran out of water and started drinking salt water to stay hydrated.  He was stuck in the scorching sun, at risk of being eaten by sharks or attacked by pirates and didn’t know if anyone would ever find him.  He saw a boat and set off a flare at some point.  He was sure the boat saw him and he was going to be rescued.  They didn’t see him…and that was his only flare.

What really caught me was the amount of time he spent at sea not knowing when or IF anyone would ever find him.  More than 70 days.  This story caught me because every day I post at the top of this very blog “Day [xx].”  I have it WAY better than this guy did.  I have a bed, food water, company, and a rough “deadline” as to when I might go home.  I’m not sitting in the scorching sun fearing I will be eaten by a shark every day.  I have made the best I can of this whole hospital stay.  Lemonade out of lemons as they say.  As someone pointed out to me the other day, because I didn’t realize it myself, since I moved into this hospital I have started a blog and an online store and found a new way to keep busy since I can no longer go into work every day.

That show really put it into perspective for me.  Yes, my situation may smell a little but it really can always be worse.  I could have delivered this baby at 23 weeks…or I could have been lost at sea.  I prefer to be where I am right now.

Sorry for the late blog post.  I was a tad groggy this morning and didn’t really wake up until 10.  That doesn’t mean I was asleep.  I had countless interruptions between 7 and 10 but I kept my eyes closed as much as I could during that time frame.  I started and finished an adult sized bear hat for my nurse who is moving away and gave it to her as a going away present.  She loved it, put it on and we cracked up laughing.  It really is too stinking cute–even on an adult.  I made it black and put white on the inside of the ears and as trim.  I realized after I gave it to her that I didn’t take a picture of just the hat.  Sorry.  I do have a photo, but she is in it and I don’t quite feel like I can go posting her photo on this blog. I made a new cupcake hat too.  Someone requested a custom hat from me on Etsy–an April momma from a forum I am on.  Yay!

I also had the social hour today, the topic was c-sections.  The nurse who gives the class was my nurse last week and she went through it all with me and Kayvan since he wanted to hear it too.  This was a repeat for me, but I didn’t care.  I NEED out of this room at every opportunity.  Flashing back to the class the nurse gave me and Kayvan last week.  She told Kayvan that if I end up with a c-section he won’t be able to cut the cord.  He looked at her MORTIFIED and said “People want to cut the umbilical cord?!”  Can you tell he is a first time dad?  Lots to learn and I so look forward to more moments like this from him.  🙂  It’s so cute.

Baby is doing really well today too.  I don’t think he has stopped kicking all day long.  The non-stress test looked really good this morning too.



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  1. Phil said the same thing, something like, “Dont they have doctors for that?”


    • Haha I just assumed all guys knew and wanted to cut the cord. At least K. isn’t alone. 🙂

      • Nope, K isn’t alone, my husband is also mortified by the notion, we’re first-timers too!

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