Day 55: Hats, Hats and More Hats

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So the IV is finally out, thank goodness.  I no longer have anything to whine about…which is good.  I hate being so whiny.  I’m back to typing on the computer, which means you get new hat pictures! Check them out and click the photo to see the ETSY posting.  I have made a couple of bunny hats and came up with the pattern myself, which I am pretty proud of.  I should probably work on a shamrock hat though, considering our little guy is going to be here in March instead of April.  Maybe I will make a little leprechaun hat! Or maybe I will finish that blanket I started for him…one day.  Hats are so much more fun!

Bunny Hat--White and Pink

Bunny Hat--Pink

Turquoise Flower Hat

Pink Puff with Flower

White and Pink Bear Hat

Yesterday it really hit me that we have 5 weeks left until the boy is here.  That is 5 weeks MAX, since we are still technically taking things day by day.  The doctors haven’t promised me more than 34 weeks, so we could have 3 weeks left.  [Insert my favorite four letter word here!]  It is a good thing hubby is going home to finish the nursery this weekend…again.  Wonder if he will do baby laundry too?  Probably not, he really hates doing laundry.  (I just read this to him…he insinsted that baby laundry was easy because it is small.  Right.  2)  Come to think of it, we have had so many clothes given to us, both hand me down and new.  I have only seen each thing once then they have gone home.  I guess it is up to Hubby to pick a coming home outfit.

In funny hubby news, he has a new favorite song.  The “Forget You” song by Cee Lo Green.  Only, he likes the foul mouthed version involving one of my very favorite curse words (we all know I have a horrible mouth).  I’ve liked it for a while but he heard it on the radio recently thus sparking his new love.

I have one of my very favorite nurses this morning which made me very happy.  When I first had her weeks ago, she told me she would be leaving in about 3 months.  Today she told me that her last day is Friday.  Boooo!!   I need to make her a going away hat now.  My co-worker Kim called me and told me that she was going for a walk around the pond at work.  We used to go for daily walks together and she was bummed to have to walk by herself…then she realized she could call me on her walk since I’m technically laying here doing next to nothing.  She said it was nice out for once so I pretended to feel the sun on my skin and the wind in my face.

The non-stress test went well this morning.  I had a mild contraction and a desat in heart rate but after that he became even more reactive on the monitor so nothing too concerning.  As I was about to post this, they whisked me away for an ultrasound I didn’t know I was scheduled for.  Surprise!  Good news all around.  Breathing practice went well, he even had a few hiccups.  It is crazy to feel him knee me or punch me and see it on the screen at the same time.  Fluid levels are also back up…way up.  We are now at 6.19.  Last Wednesday we were at 5.7, Monday, just two days ago we were at 5.4 and now today, 6.19…that is actually considered a “normal” fluid level.  Conservatively good is between 8 and 25 but not so conservatively…5-25 counts as good.  I’ll take it!



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  1. Normal is good!

    I almost snorted my drink through my nose when I read the part about “baby laundry is small so it’s easy” ha ha ha are you kidding me? The socks are the most annoying part of my laundry if you ask me, and they’re small. A whole load of socks would drive me up a wall. I’m not looking forward to whole loads of tiny baby clothes to sort and deal with… much less teeny tiny baby socks!!! gah!!!

    • Haha, he’s in for it, isn’t he?! We both have lots to learn but he is an only child and I’m the oldest of a few…so he’s got more to learn than I.

  2. “[Insert my favorite four letter word here!]”


    • Nope. Try again. LOL. I know you know this!

  3. Glad to read your doing well yay for the iv being out.

    Wondering if you can do a dinosaur hat in a green with orange?

    • I can do a dino hat for you, sure. Kicker is, I don’t have any orange right now. I just made a green and white one. Will that work for you? Here it is on the Etsy store. Shoot me a note through Etsy with your response if you don’t mind. It is easier to keep track on there. I worry about your response getting lost on the blog comments.

  4. Yay for the fluid level–congrats! Thanks for making the bunny hats–I just bought one! yay.

    • I got your order–I also sent you an email! Thank you!

  5. The hats are sooo cute!! I never thought when I first “bonded to your blog” I would be joining you on hospital bedrest. I was admitted yesterday for preeclampsia and low fluid. My AFI is sitting around 5-6 which is low for a different reason than yours…placental insufficiency due to the pre-e. I dont think we will last much longer…im 30 3 (at midnight lol). If you want to email me id love the entertainment.

    • Oh no! You’re in too?! Hang in there momma. I know it’s tough and has to be harder with a little one at home. Hopefully you make it a bit longer…32? 34 maybe?

  6. hey girl. I wanted to let you know I linked you to a blog I go on alot. I think a few might be buying. Love ya and see you soon!

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