Day 54: 31 Weeks!

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Man, we are climbing those numbers, aren’t we?  Last week was a long week for me so I’m happy 31 weeks is finally here.  I’m hopeful the rest of my time in here will continue to go by quickly.  I’m slowly working my way up to the longest standing resident in here, that’s for sure!  Not exactly the prize every pregnant woman wants, but considering the alternative…I’ll take it!  Next up?  32 weeks!  My next big milestone.  I can’t wait.

Yesterday was pretty boring.  My IV hurt so bad in the morning so I just watched TV all day.  I browsed the internet a bit.  Kayvan ran out to the store to pick up a few odds and ends and I ended up napping while he was out.  When he came back, my sweet hubby had heart tissue paper that he wallpapered the room with.  He was serious when he said we are going to have decorations for each month we were in here.  By the time we get out we will have Christmas, New Years, Birthday, Baby Shower, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day decorations.  The walls in our room are so cluttered.  I wonder what the nurses think of our them…

Sweet hubby couldn’t let me go without a good Valentine’s Day dinner.  We had Maggianos.  Our first course was stuffed mushrooms which were AMAZING.  Possibly my new thing.  I had a salad for my entree with about a bottle of  ‘white water’ and finished it with a nice glass of ‘sparkling white sprite.’  Hubby had one of our favorite pasta dishes of theirs.  I can’t remember what it was called but it was pasta with spicy sausage.  He also had a ton of ‘white water’ with dinner.  Amazingly, neither of us woke up hungover.  The rest of our evening was very romantic.  He played world of warcraft and my stubborn butt ignored the pain that crocheting caused me and made 4 new hats.  3 of which are for one of the nurses here.  She cares for triplets.  I’ll have to post pictures on the ETSY store later.  They aren’t completely assembled yet.  I still need to sew the flowers on. I did post 3 new hats the other day though, check them out at

Sweet Sookie e-mailed us a little Valentine’s Day update yesterday too!  She is a happy girl.  We’re lucky to have friends who are willing to take care of her for such a long time.  Stacey says that Lucy told her the other day that Sookie is her best friend.  Looks like little Miss Sook is going to have to make regular visits to play with the twins after this stint is over!

Dear Mama,
Hi and happy valentines day!  I love you a lot and miss you even more.  I promise I am being on very good behavior and Chunk hasnt tried to mount me even once in the last 24 hours.

Aunt Stacey wasnt very nice yesterday, however.  She cleaned up my backyard smorgesbord of poop.  Now there is no poop for me to eat.  Luckily there is a steady supply of cheerios and cheese to keep me sated.

I hear that the baby is growing really well.  I hope he isnt too big Mama, because you need room for baby AND me on your lap.  I  figure if the baby is more than 8 pounds, then he’s just going to have to sit on the floor.

And lets make sure that he knows that he is 2nd child.  Right, mama?

Lucy and Isaac have been playing with me more.  We play “Run” and they run and I chase them.  And sometimes vice versa.  Then I get very tired.  They havent pulled my tail yet.  Oh, right.  I dont have a tail.

Love you mama.  I hope to see you and Daddy and Baby K very soon!!!

Love Sookie.

This morning Hubby woke up SUPER early and went home.  I tried to convince him to stay the night at home but he didn’t want to spoil our romantic evening.  Why did Kayvan go home so early?  If you remember back to our first week or so here, our refrigerator died…as if we needed one more thing to worry about.  Kayvan and I decided that we wouldn’t be home anytime soon so we held off on ordering it.  Well, I found a great deal on the fridge we wanted it and ordered it last week.  Our new refrigerator was delivered this morning!  Of course, our delivery window was 7:30 – 11.  Amazingly we were the first delivery so he got to work on time too!  I woke to a video text he sent me at 9 a.m.  He sure knows how to make a girl smile!  Our new fridge is so pretty!  Kayvan said he will wait to take the protective plastic off until I’m home.  Yippeee!

Our Brand Spanking New Fridge!

The non-stress test went just fine this morning.  We had one desat but he recovered quickly so that is okay.  I have to admit.  I absolutely hate hearing his heart rate tank.  I also found out that fluid levels were at 5.4 cubic centimeters on Monday.  Down a little because of the bleed but 5.4 is still really good.



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  1. Jealous of the fridge! Hope to see you this weekend, I’m feeling loads better! : )

    • Yay! Glad you aren’t sick anymore. Give Stacey a call. She mentioned coming this weekend too.

  2. Congrats on the new fridge and happy 31 weeks! We have the same due date so it’s fun reading your blog and knowing you’re exactly where I am gestation-wise. I’m hoping you make it all the way to 36 weeks!!

    • Thanks and thanks! I think I have a good chance at 36. Hoping you make it all the way to 40, even if it gets uncomfortable!

  3. I’m curious. Why haven’t they taken that IV out? Seems that it’s been in for far too long for no immediate need/purpose.

    • Once they go in they are good for 72 hours so they don’t take them out any sooner than that. They put it in just in case my last bleed was placental abruption in which case they would have had to deliver me. I’m glad they didn’t have to use it!!

      Good news, they took it out an hour ago!!

  4. Beautiful fridge! I like the blue, don’t be so hasty to take the protective plastic off! :p

    Maggiano’s stuffed mushrooms are my FAVORITE appetizer and stuffed mushrooms everrrrrr! *mouth waters*

    Glad you had a nice Valentine’s Day! Can’t wait to see Kayvan’s interior decorating skills at my next visit! 🙂

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