Day 53: Dear IV

February 14, 2011 at 5:27 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Crochet | 5 Comments
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This post should be full of love and happiness given today’s commercial love holiday. I may get to that at the end if this post. But first, a note:

Dear IV,

You suck. I hate you. Here you sit in my left arm, just under my thumb, rendering me completely useless. Because of you, bathing is difficult. I can’t dress myself and I’m only wearing a nightgown for crying out loud. I have a constant, annoying pain in my left arm. I can hardly type on the computer, leaving me to blog from my iPhone. I can only sleep on one side and when I roll to the other, the pain you cause wakes me up. Oh, and worst offense of all? I can’t crochet. Please tell me, what on earth am I supposed to do with my day? And no, using my right hand is NOT an option. It would be one thing if you were currently serving a purpose but NOTHING has gone through you other than a few ccs of saline to keep you from infiltrating.  No fluids, no meds, nada.   Being on bed rest sucks as it is but you make it 100 times worse. Hurry up and expire already.

Your Host

Stupid IV


Not to be too passive aggressive here but yesterday was a pretty good day despite the rough start. A bunch of my buds came all the way out here for a baby shower to welcome this little trouble maker. You ladies are all so wonderful! It was great to see you…and to be out of my room, in normal clothes for a whole 3 hours. I didn’t expect more than 2. To top it off, baby Romaezi is now pretty set! Thanks a billion to Millie and Kate who pulled the whole thing together.

The NST went well today. My uterus is much more content than it was yesterday. I also had an ultrasound but haven’t heard any updates on it yet. I’ll be sure to share once I do.

Happy Valentines day to all of you! Especially my Hubby love who has listened to me whine and cry about this stupid IV since it went in.



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  1. Stupid IV.

  2. how long are they going to leave it sitting in there? I’ve had one there.. it sucks! For my 18 hr labor with Aiden it was on my wrist.. really dont know which is worse.. Sorry I missed the shower but I did get new brakes AND moved momma into her rental. love ya! hope to see you soon!

  3. Oh man that just sucks! Especially since you aren’t getting fluids or anything through it. Boo! Glad you had a fun shower and that baby is set. Does he have a name yet?

  4. Can’t they put the IV in your right arm since your a lefty?

    • They CAN, I even asked and they somewhat tried but she was worried she was going to roll that vein and didn’t want to gamble. Frankly, I would be OK if they put it in my forearm. Left or right. It’s the hand/wrist part that sucks. They always go for the darn wrist first…

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