Day 52: Did you feel that?…How about that?

February 13, 2011 at 4:09 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 3 Comments
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So it seems my uterus is angry this morning. The medical term they keep using is irritable. I don’t care what you call it, the squiggly lines on the NST do not look happy. They tell me I’ve had about 4 contractions in the past 2 hours. If it weren’t for the monitors I wouldn’t believe the nurses, I have only felt one and even then it just felt like baby boy was stretching. The nurse keeps coming through the door asking “Did you feel that?” …nope, I don’t! The doctor came in a minute ago and said she “is not impressed” referring to the contractions. I laughed and told her that I don’t want her to be impressed with my contractions at this stage in the game. Good news is I still am not dilated so no need to worry. Doc hasn’t even taken good privileges away.

HE is doing just fine. Heartbeat is thumping along contently. He is throwing good variables and had one desat which he recovered from quickly. The nurse just took me off the monitors and reassured me that baby really does look good.

I tell ya, my body has some insane timing. Friends are coming up for a mini baby shower today (family, we will do something when the boy makes it home). Doc hasn’t reneged my wheelchair order yet. She keeps saying I can go…but she has 2 and a half hours to take that back. We shall see how the day progresses.



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  1. I’m running in your shoes now! I’ve been in the hoapitjy since Saturday…. I came in friday but the on call doc and the nurse were very rude. I
    Actually filed a complaint in them 😦 I hated doing that but I’ve NEVER been treated so bad! Anyways I was here around 2 weeks ago and they found 3 kidney stones they gave me fluids to help pass them! Low and behold I guess I
    Passed none because here I am and
    This ultra sound states the same thing still 3 stones but they did say it looks like there could now be a obstruction and I’m
    Not just losing my mind!!…so tomorrow I get to see Nurologist and go over our plans on how to fix the problem! Glad all your text came back great

    • Oh no! I have never had a kidney stone but am told they are INCREDIBLY painful. I really hope they resolve this for you very soon..and the doctors get their crap straight and stop treating you terribly.

  2. love ya! stay in baby k!

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