Day 49: 7 Weeks In the Hospital

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Holy moly, I’ve been here 7 weeks.  Insane.  It is so strange to think I have been in here so long.  It really does feel like the time has flown by…but that is in hospital perspective.  I keep thinking about the fact that I was admitted in the dead of winter and when I get out of here the leaves should just be blooming on the trees.  I’m pretty sure that it will hit me how long I have been in here once I walk out to ‘not 8 degree weather,’ thank you Punxsutawney Phil.  If I get my way, I will walk out of here…well really I will be wheeled out of here…regardless, when I bust out of this joint I will have been in here a full 3 months…if I get my way.  THREE months!  Think about what you have done in the past three months.  I’m sure that coming out of all of this with our kid in our arms will make the time spent in the hospital just wither in the distance.  Hopefully post-postpartum hormones don’t prove me otherwise.

You all know that Kayvan has spent the past 7 weeks with me here in the hospital  with the exception of the one night I made him spend at home.  We have been very fortunate that he is able to work from here 3 days a week and go into the office 2 days a week.  I am incredibly grateful for the flexibility his company has given us because I don’t see how I could do it here without him as often.  He has been sleeping on this cot recliner thing that just does not look comfortable.  I have asked him several times if I could order a mattress topper for him and he said no.  The other day I just flat out insisted on it, ordered the thing and had it delivered to his office.  He brought it back with him after work yesterday.  We were both way more excited than we should have been for him to test that thing out.  The nurses always have me up before he wakes so it took all I had not to poke at him to ask how he slept.  I’ll admit, I was talking to the nurse pretty loud this morning.  Once he started to wake, Kayvan said he didn’t want to get up.  WIN!  That makes me feel a little less guilty for being the reason he doesn’t go home and sleep in our bed every night.  I love my husband.  I don’t care what any of you ladies say.  My husband really is better than your husband.

I have some new hat photos to post.  I need to get one more done today and I’ll start working on the ETSY store for tomorrow’s launch.  Too bad I haven’t thought of a name yet.  That could be a small issue.  Enjoy the little boy hats!

Striped Boy Cap with Visor


Tan Boy Hat with Visor


Newborn Bear Hat

This morning I had a nurse who is part-time in this department.  So when it was time to put me on the non-stress test she put the heart rate monitor too high despite me telling her that he is really low.  I figured, she knows how to do her job better than I do so I left the monitor alone and the kid rolled off of it as soon as she left the room.  I played nice patient and put my hand on the monitor to tilt it so he would stay on…but because the monitor was too high he kept swishing his way out of the monitor.  I’m telling you, babies hate those things.  I know he will stay on if the monitor is closer to his head rather than his back, so she came in, made me lay on this side, that side, put the head of my bed down, all of which I haven’t had to do in the past few weeks.  I gave her a good few minutes and finally when she walked to the other side of my bed to try something else I took the monitor and put it where I told her usually works.  Whaddaya know, it worked.  They kept me on another 20 minutes and we were good to go for the day.

Dad called just a minute ago to ask a question about the “Nanu” we bought him for Christmas.  Between dad calling the Nano a Nanu and and my mother in law calling the Nook we got her by another hilarious name unknowingly, these folks keep me so entertained.  Oh the small things.



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  1. Love the hats! And – Kayvan is really great. 🙂

  2. hats are so cute! my mom entertains me on the regular with her tech knowledge. way to go kayvan 🙂

    • LOL, dad couldn’t get his “nanu” to turn off. The nurse came in and I had to get off the phone. He figured out to hold the power button for 10 seconds before I called him back and texted me with “I AM THE GURU!!”

  3. my mom called me all pissed because after a hour long lesson on now to use her cell phone she couldnt get a dial tone.. she would never DARE text or use a ipod.. no way.

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