Day 48: Ultrasound

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It took forever for them to get to my ultrasound today.  I dragged my feet showering because I was worried as soon as I got in they would come get me and make me get out of my oh so enjoyable shower.  I showered uninterrupted this morning.  I did however make it about 1/2 way through lunch before I was interrupted for the ultrasound.  I just got back to my bed after waiting impatiently all day.  The scan was well worth the wait with lots of good news.

Baby boy is measuring right on target for his gestational age at 3 pounds and 7 ounces.  He was at 2 pounds 4 ounces on January 17th…just 3 weeks ago.  Insane how fast these little babies grow in the 3rd trimester.  I just need about another pound from him before he is at a comfy cozy 4 pounds.  We should be there in another week in a half I’m guessing.  Of course, our next weight scan won’t be until March 2nd at the earliest. The amniotic fluid is back up to 5.7 cubic centimeters from the 4.43 we were at on Monday.  I’m sure the fluid varies significantly from day to day though.  The last bit of good news from the ultrasound is that when they monitored his “breathing practice” he was breathing well.  THAT makes me so so happy…all of it.  This was the first ultrasound of about 20 (I’ve lost count but am sure that is a LOW guess) that hubby has missed.  He had a meeting at work today.  When I shared the news he was so excited and said “keep eating.”  It made me laugh because hubster has always been the one with good eating habits.

All of the numbers in the paragraph above are giving me an idea for a little contest.  Be sure to check back on Friday for a little fun!

My new boss and a co-worker stopped by for a visit yesterday.  It was quite nice to see them AND to talk about work for a little while.  Man I miss work.  Momma in law brought us Thai food last night and that stuff was really good.  So happy to have leftovers to look forward to!  Of course, the moment she got here the charge nurse popped in and said it is time to MOVE!  Good timing for us, bad for her.  An extra hand to move all of the junk we have here.  We are VERY moved in.  My new room is MUCH more quiet.  All of the rooms over here are private so there are less people, less nurses and less noise in general.  I am also nowhere near the main entrance to the ward and nowhere near the perpetually slamming linen closet or whatever door that was.  I didn’t wake to the sound of slamming doors today and that really helped my mood.  We also have a view of the main road, which I can’t see since I’m laying in bed.  The cool part.  We can see the helipad from here.  Way cool, right?  Kayvan said it is his goal to see a helicopter come in.  I reminded him that means bad luck for someone else and he just said, “oh.”  The rest of yesterday was spent watching TV or doing nothing but staring at the ceiling complaining to Kayvan that “I’m BORRRRRED” in a rather whiny tone.  He puts up with it, that’s how I know he loves me.

After telling you all about the ultrasound today I’m sure it is a moot point to mention that the non-stress test went well.  I thought the boy was having repetitive desats which worried me for a minute but the nurse said he was just rolling off of the monitor.  Typical typical.



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  1. great to hear the good news 🙂

  2. Seeing a helicopter isn’t necessarily bad news for someone else, it means that they got a super fast ride to the place that is best prepared to help them with their ailment! 🙂

    P.S. Congrats on growing baby and more fluids!

  3. Seeing a helicopter could mean life for someone… what if it’s a donated organ being delivered or flown off somewhere? 🙂 The glass is half full, remember?

    You oughta make them rearrange the room so you can see out the window!

    • Good point! Didn’t even think of that one. If we raise my bed I can see. But if we raise my bed I can’t get out of bed. Room is kind of small and window is high so there isn’t really any other way to arrange it and see out. I can see em still in the air so that’s good enough.

  4. I saw a helicopter landing on that helopad once as I was just driving by on Gallows Road. Kinda cool, and I hope it was for one of the good reasons mentioned by previous posters!
    What good news the ultrasound provided today. way to go!

  5. It was good to talk to you today! Can’t wait to see you! I’m gonna go wrap your presents now! xoxo

  6. If you wrote a book I would buy it lol!! Your a very good writer in my opinion!! By following along you’ve also got me interested in needle work ” can’t think of how to spell the correct word”I may just give it a shot! I’m not very crafty!
    Anyways congrats on 30 weeks!! You and I must be due around the exact time 🙂 do you have any names picked out yet? We don’t so we have named him baby brother! Well if you ever want to email or talk feel free to write me at


    • Ha, so sweet of you to say!

      You should totally try it out. Check out tutorials on youtube. You don’t have to be crafty, just need to know how to do it and read a pattern.

  7. congrats on the great u/s!

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