Day 47: 30 Weeks!

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We have made it yet another week and it seems I have gotten better at speaking up for myself while in here.  Add that to the list of positive things about this hospital stay…personal growth.  First, my complaints to the food service folks, which I’m still convinced is a waste of hot air.  For example, yesterday I ordered 2 rice krispie cereal for breakfast and got 2 rice krispie treats.  I have also putting up with doors that slam every 30 – 60 seconds from about 7:00 – 8:30 a.m.  I mentioned the problem a few days ago and my nurse put a sign on the linen closet (which I’m across from).  Well, this morning it was SO bad that I just couldn’t take it anymore.  The sign on the door is doing no good so I complained to the nurse again and the nurse aide was there as well.  The doors miraculously stopped slamming after that.  I think it may be the nurse aide going in and out of the rooms getting everyone fresh water and linens.  (Oops, had I realized I may have been a bit more tactful.)

The charge nurse came in with a proposition for me about 10:00.  A new room on the quieter side of the floor.  I feel bad causing so much of a stink that they want to move me to make me comfortable.  Really, I only mentioned it two times though so I shouldn’t feel bad.  I will be here for another 6 weeks and after talking to Kayvan, who will be the one moving me we have decided to take advantage of the new room.  It is still a private room and what sealed the deal for hubby was the promise of a better view.  There is currently someone in there and they need to clean it after she is discharged so I will be moving to my new quarters later this evening.  Kayvan said we should play a trick on momma in law who is coming up tonight and not tell her we moved.  I reminded him that she has food and he changed his tune rather quickly.

Now that I am 30 weeks we get another measurement ultrasound tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see how much weight the little guy has gained.  I’m sure he is over 3 lbs by now.  I also think my belly popped a bit more after all of the complaining I have been doing about my belly being teeny.

Yesterday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing.  I took a nap which I actually am not able to do often in here but it made me feel better.  I have been waking up so groggy the past few weeks because I wake up so much at night and I think the nap helped my sleep last night. For once woke feeling refreshed.  We also played a few games of UNO after Kayvan was “off the clock” for work.  I won the first 4 games and thought I was UNO queen.  I love the face Kayvan makes when he loses.  It just makes me laugh.  His luck changed with a good hand and he won the next few.  Should I mention the profane language he decided to use as he discarded the winning card each time he won?  Regardless, we laughed a lot and I had a ton of fun playing cards with him.

The non-stress test went okay this morning.  We had one desat which baby recovered from rather quickly but I had to stay on for another 10 minutes to make sure he didn’t have any more.  He was really active, twisting and turning all over when the monitors were on.  He has been doing that the past week or so.  I can tell he is getting bigger because he is just moving differently.  I told Kayvan this very thing this morning and couldn’t quite describe exactly how it feels different.

I have a few new hats to show off too but that will have to come with a later blog.



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  1. Great that you’ve made it to 30 weeks! Do NOT feel bad about asking to be moved, we move patients ALLLLLLL the time and it is nooooo big deal at all! 🙂 Hope your new room is quieter. Keep on keepin’ on.

    • It is SO much quieter. The bathroom is smaller but we’re managing. It’s worth the sleep!

  2. As someone who has now lived there for 7 weeks, I think you deserve the new room.


  3. Glad you are moving up in the world! Even if it’s just the hospital world. Hope the next change is better food service (haha!).
    And congrats on 30 weeks, that is huge!! I’m so happy you and your little boy are doing so well.

    • Hahah, better food service it is. Even if it isn’t the HOSPITAL food service that is better. Kayvan brought me cereal and I have tons of food here. People are still being awesome and bringing us outside food so I don’t usually have to eat their lunch or dinner either. I call in the mornings to keep stocked on milk and ensure.

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