Day 46: Girl of Your Dreams…

February 7, 2011 at 5:14 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 5 Comments
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…or so it seems.

Friday night when Linda, Millie and Kim were over Linda mentioned that she had a dream about me and decided she needed to come visit again.  She didn’t give me the detail of the dream but we laughed about what brought her here.  While they were here Millie invited Linda to the draft house to see a movie and I commented in a rather whiny way, “I wanna gooooo!”

Saturday morning I awoke to an e-mail from Millie that she had a dream about me and it freaked her out. Here is the e-mail she sent, it is pretty comical.  Or at least I think so.

I had left the hospital and was heading to the movie (that I’m actually seeing today) – and I’m heading home, get home so I can walk to the theater – and all of a sudden you get out of the car.

And I’m like, Jamie, what are you doing here? And you are like, I want to watch the movie. And I’m like you can’t be here!!! Kayvan is going to kill me. You say, Kayvan won’t care. And I’m like, are you sure? How about the doctors? And you say, they won’t notice.

And then it’s 5 minutes until the movie – and you say, come on let’s see the movie – you won’t have time to bring me back to the hospital and get back in time.

And I’m standing there freaking out because I know Kayvan will kill me that you’re not in the hospital. And you are staring at me innocently (that’s why I knew it was a dream) – while in your hospital gown.

THEN, Sunday morning I get a text from my friend Jennie that SHE had a dream about me.

Reminds me of that awful pick-up line.  “Are you tired?  Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.”

We had an ultrasound yesterday to make sure baby is still OK given the bleed I had the other night.  As I suspected, the kid is fine.  Fluid levels are now at 4.43, down a bit from last week’s measure of 5.1.  I was hoping we would continue our upward climb.  The non-stress test went just fine today too.



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  1. Here us a free code for redbox- good today only so you can get ur movie fix…if that sweet hubby will pick it up 🙂 FEB7MOVIE ( hope it works 4 u- I used it and it worked fine)

  2. hey girl.. so weird about the dream. I was going to email you about a dream I had 2 nights ago!! I was at home and you suddenly showed up and was like HEY i’m here to hang for the day.. and i was like OH MY GOD get back to the hosptial! and you were like no i’m fine its ok. So i made you get right into my bed and we hung out and watched movies all day.. HOW WEIRD!

    • LOL seems I’m on lots of people’s minds!!

      • totally. we are all praying for you and baby K!

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