Day 44: Special Visitor!

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Kayvan left really early this morning because…wait for it…he went to pick up a special visitor.  SOOKIE!  The hospital gave her a special little golden ticket to come up for the day.  She can spend the whole day with me but had to get a bath, her teeth brushed and ears cleaned first.  No germies.  Kayvan is also took her to get her nails clipped so they got back about noon.  Yippeeee!  I miss my girl and I know Kayvan does too.  He brought her into the hospital in her sherpa which she is always very well behaved and mellow in.  He let her out and she started to explore the room.  Poking her head into the bathroom, under the bed, you know, the standard.  I talked to her from the bed for a minute but she really wasn’t interested in me at first and followed Kayvan around everywhere per usual.  I sat in the chair for a few minutes and Kayvan handed her to me.  She sniffed my face in a very nonchalant, sort of way as I pet her.

I’m used to more excitement from her when she sees me.  I didn’t want to get upset because it is a new space for the pup but I was worried she didn’t remember me.  Of course, she warmed up after a bit and got back to her usual self after I moved from the chair back to the bed and let her lay with me.  In standard Sookie fashion she fell right asleep with her butt in my face.  Kayvan flipped her for me and she crashed again cradled in my arms like a baby.  Girl always lays like this.  I was quite surprised when housekeeping, momma-in-law and our nurse came in and she didn’t bark or really seem interested at all.  She just kept sleeping.  I guess Chunk the pug really taught her to mellow out–maybe THAT is why he has been peeing on her head.

Sookie Visits me at the Hospital.

Kayvan was really sleepy and wanted to join in on the nap time festivities so he climbed into the teeny little hospital bed.  Momma-in-law found this hysterical.  Especially since Sookie was quite literally claiming half of the bed.  She slept as she used to when she and I would watch TV on the couch, curled up using my belly as a pillow.  I swear the baby recognized her snoring because he kept kicking her and stretched out really far when she moved away.  As if he were saying “come back!”  Kayvan eventually had to move back to the chair because my hip started bugging me since I was laying on one side too long.  I relinquished the pup like any good wife should and then the nurses came by to say hi.  Talk about excitement.  She was SO excited to see the nurses and get all of the attention from new people.  Sookie is now back to using Kayvan’s neck as a pillow while I finish blogging for the day.

My Belly, the Dog Pillow


I always wanted Sookie to be a Delta Dog–certified to visit people in the hospital.  I thought she would be good for it because a) she loves meeting new people, b) she is a pretty mellow quiet little gal and c) she is a really good, lazy lap dog.  I just never knew I would be on the receiving end of that.  We hadn’t gone through the certification yet because she had to be a year old.  Now that she is, it will most certainly stay on the list of things for us to do this summer–as if caring for a newborn isn’t enough.

Yesterday Kim, Millie and Linda all stopped by after work.  Millie had been planning to bring us hot subs from this amazing sub place.  I got “Billy’s Philly”  a cheesesteak made with chicken and an insanely good garlic mayo.  Man my breath was so smelly after that.  Linda brought cupcakes from Cake Love for dessert.  I picked the chocolate covered strawberry cupcake out of the bunch.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  Millie blogs about her cupcake experiences and like I do to everyone else, insisted that she take a picture before we could eat our food.

This morning took forever because I was so anxious for Kayvan to get back with Sookie.  It didn’t help that my food took an hour and fifteen minutes to get here.  I ordered cereal.  You don’t even have to cook it.  I would have eaten the cereal we have in the room but I didn’t have any soy milk in our new fridge just yet.  The non stress test went well, baby was busy swimming around again so I had to keep him on.  It seems that he is just starting to move up out of my pelvis a bit (thank goodness) so it has gotten harder to keep him on the monitors.



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  1. Yay!!! So glad Sookie finally got to see her momma! 🙂

  2. Yay for Sookie and Momma time!!! I wish I could’ve seen the sight of all three of you in the bed! Hahahah!

  3. Glad you got some puppy love!! 😉

  4. so cute

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