Day 41: About Those Nurses Again…

February 2, 2011 at 6:20 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 4 Comments
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Yesterday as I was eating my way out of this hospital room I got a knock on my door.  I was totally noshing on tortillas and cheese after nothing healthy would fix my insatiable hunger.  The person who opened the door looked so baffled, was also pregnant and looked just plain lost.  So with a smile I asked her if she was looking for my room number.  She said yes, looked around my room and realized once she saw the Christmas tree we still have up that she had the right person.  As soon as she opened her mouth and started talking I realized that the woman at my door was a nurse of mine from Labor and Delivery!  I was so surprised to see her and was even more surprised that she remembered me between all of her patients.  I felt bad that I didn’t recognize her but keep in mind I had horrible double/blurred vision the entire time I was in L&D and was totally out of it.  When I was her patient I didn’t even realize at the time that she was also pregnant.  The fact that she wasn’t in scrubs didn’t help jog my memory either.  It turns out that my nurse is 35 weeks pregnant and just got admitted to my floor last night.  I was sad to hear that BUT she is at a good point in her pregnancy, has an induction date two weeks from now and being here will help her carry her baby girl to term.  Her condition is different than mine so not only is she allowed to wear pants (which I’m totally jealous of), she is allowed to walk around the wing–WALK!  I told her she should introduce her husband to mine so they can at least entertain each other.  I am so touched by this visit.  She was, like many others very happy to see that I am still pregnant.  Seriously, the nurses here are the absolute best.

I meant to tell you yesterday that my sweet husband brought some more pictures for my wall!  He brought new pictures of the kitty and puppy, a photo of our visit to see Jennie in NYC last winter (complete with her ex-boyfriend cut out), a picture of us on our sunset sail in Key West last year well before I was pregnant, though I wore the same dress on the same sail this year.  A few photos of us from the holidays last year, one of the photos I took that he really loves and a photo with my two gals at a park at sunset a few years ago.

The Photo Kayvan Likes


**Side note, as I finish typing the previous paragraph Kayvan just dropped a clothing hanger on his toe–a plastic hanger, said “OUCH!” and proceeded to limp around the room an mutter curse words under his breath.  I can not stop laughing which of course, he does not like.  I can’t get over the fact that the little plastic hanger falling on his toe hurt enough to cause such a commotion.  I’m in tears and my belly hurts it is so funny to me.  Gosh, I hate to think of how he would handle the pain of childbirth.  🙂

I finished the Lily Bard Series a few days ago and have been trying to focus on crocheting again.  I have two projects going right now, the blanket which is about 2 ft by 4 ft and the papoose.  My goal is to finish the darn papoose today.  I like it but I thought I would be done by now.  I guess the whole reading thing was a bit of a distraction.  I like the Lily Bard books, the 3rd was my favorite but I’m not doing back flips over them.  I like the main character Lily, I may not like the series at all otherwise.

This morning at 9 I got a knock on the door for yet another ultrasound no one told me about.  So of course I was still asleep and made the poor tech wait for me to brush my teeth, wash my face and actually wake up.  It is still too soon for another weigh measurement but she was checking fluid levels, baby’s movement and for him to practice breathing.  Last week our levels were at 4.5, this week we are up to 5.1 (yahooo!).  He also quickly showed us that he was practicing breathing.  This week not so much.  He did get hiccups which are better than breathing practice, but he only had 3.  We need at least 6.  I got to sit on the table with my tummy exposed for what felt like forever waiting patiently for the child to do his job.  No such luck.  He has to do it within a certain amount of time and our time was up.  Nothing to be overly concerned about but this lucky duck right here got put on the non-stress test before she was allowed to eat AGAIN.  From now on I am just going to assume ultrasounds are every Wednesday so that I can eat before I go to bed on Tuesday night.  That way I don’t starve Wednesday morning.  The non-stress test went well.  He dropped to a steady heart rate of 128 for a while which the nurse didn’t like.  Nothing wrong with a heart rate of 128 but she wanted to make sure he didn’t dip further.  Once baby proved once again that he was just doing it to torture me (slight exaggeration here) they let me off of the non-stress test and gave me my food, COLD ensure included.  Can you believe it?  I’m finally getting through to the food service people!




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  1. Can’t wait to see what photos that Kayvan put up!

    • Ditto! 🙂

      And super happy to hear your Ensure was cold! Fingers crossed it’s a new trend and not a cycle!

  2. I wanted to come up/over for a visit this weekend, but of course hubby decided he needed to get the flu, Yay for me. Not to worry, I got the flu shot, it’s just his constant coughing and tossing and turning that keeps me up, tossing and turning. I’m sooooo tired! So I will have to pick another weekend, before lil’ man decides he wants to come out and meet everyone, to see you. I’m so glad to hear that there have been no more bumps and that you are 29 weeks! : ) Loves yah!

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog w/ me. It’s nice to be able to keep up w/ you. Thank goodness for the computer, books, crocheting, friends, husband, etc.:)

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