Day 39: TOTAL Grump

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I’m usually the girl who is full of rainbows and sunshine and unicorns (guess that reference) but this morning I am the total opposite of that, Oscar the Grouch, maybe.  I fell asleep a tad too early last night, 5 minutes before the nurse came in for my vitals.  I tried really hard to stay awake but it didn’t work.  After the nurse came for my vitals I was SO awake.  I ended up reading until 1:00 a.m. when Kayvan went to bed and then forced myself to go to sleep.  I’ve never had to do that before being in here.  I think I am typically so full of rainbows and sunshine and unicorns because I have always been one to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  I slept for an hour until my vitals were checked at 2 and 6.  I knew I had a blood draw so I kept myself awake for a bit since the lab peeps were supposed to be here at 6.  They didn’t get here until 7:30, just after I let myself fall back asleep.  I managed to get back to sleep for about an hour before food service called ME at 8:45 for my breakfast order.  I hate that they do this.  I will call you when I’m hungry.  Grrr.  I placed my order regardless but when the food got here it put me in an even worse mood.

Yesterday one of the food service workers came by to see how everything was going–again.  She welcomed herself in my room though I made my best effort to seem uninterested I was still nice and she actually seemed to care.  So I said to her, “I guess I’m just a bit desensitized because I know that whatever I say is a waste of time since nothing will be done about it.”  She did actually care about that remark and got on the phone outside of my room to be sure that my trays get picked up (which wasn’t in my rant the other day but they never do) and that my ensure is refrigerated.  They noted my file and everything.  This morning I could even see the note on my receipt.  Too bad the ensure on my tray was warm.  Oh, and the cream cheese they gave me, that was partially opened.  No, I’m not making any effort at all not to get infected.  No, I’m not worried about bacteria.  Please, just feed me listeria why don’t you?  I may be overreacting here but if I can’t eat a freakin ham sandwich which carries a low risk for listeria, don’t serve me botched food.  As if two things weren’t enough.  I ordered TWO cereals and they only brought me one.

I ate my breakfast, and the nurse and a nursing student came in.  The nursing student wasn’t bathroom chick, I think she is afraid of me.  I haven’t seen her since  the incident.  They I asked how I was doing and I told them that I was totally grumpy.  My nurse told me that I’m allowed ONE bad day every now and then.  She then told me that I’m not as grumpy as I think.  Grumpy, by the way does not mean that I’m rude or mean, I’m just…grumpy.  I drank my apple juice and passed the non-stress test then hopped in the shower hoping that would put me in a little bit of a better mood.  Maybe it is because I have had a few minutes to myself but I feel better, a little less grumpy.  The doctor came in a few minutes ago and called me a “very pregnant lady”  woohoo!  (Do you think he is reading my blog?)  He is actually a fellow at the practice–the one I like.  A fellow as I have learned since being here is a doctor who is studying more in a particular field.  In this case, perinatology.  There are two fellows in the practice and I cannot stand the other guy.  He also complimented my very positive attitude which is quite ironic for the day.  He said to me, “You’ve been here almost 40 days, that is 120 days in the NICU.  I remember the day you came in and you’ve made it a very long way since then.”  I think I needed to hear that today, he is right.  Holy crap, I’ll be 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  My face is starting to show it too, my cheeks are getting chunky.

I also got a note from “Sookie” this morning.  I swear, people just know when I need cheering up without ever communicating with me.  That totally put me in a better mood.  My poor girl seems to be learning about the birds and the bees.  I am actually thrilled Sook has FINALLY learned to jump up on the couch.  It only took her a stinkin year.  It wasn’t for lack of trying though.  Little girl’s teeny legs and broad shoulders just couldn’t cut it.  Jumping up herself is waaay better than her asking me to let her up by putting her paws up on the couch, giving me puppy dog face and when she is ignored pulling the screen of my laptop back to get my attention.  I’ll let you read the note for yourself.

Dear Mama,
I miss you tons.  Chunk wont stop humping me and its getting old.  And yesterday, he peed on my head.  I think he knows that I am Queen of the Castle so is trying to knock me down a peg.  It’s not going to work.  I heard you and daddy are putting the nursery together.  I just want to confirm that there will be a big cushy dog bed in there for me too.

Other than the humping and peeing thing, Chunk and I are getting along fine and we play together every morning.  He likes me to chase him.  Also, everyone here plays on the floor a lot so it makes it easy for me to eat their feet and hair.  The kids LOVE when I eat their feet and they giggle for a long time.

Yesterday I found a  buffet left outside for me.  The kids made a person made out of snow with carrot nose and mouth and strawberry eyes.  Then when it melted guess who got to eat it!!! Me!!!

Chunk also taught me a neat trick – jumping up on the couch.  Aunt Stacey and Uncle Phil say you arent going to be happy, but I think you will be.  That way I can ALWAYS be there right next to you to love.  I still cant get up on the bed though even with the little doggie stairs they left for me.

Ive been a really good girl and they keep me warm and fed and loved, but not like you mama.  I miss your cuddles and kisses even when I’ve been out eating the poop.  That’s real love.




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  1. I love reading the notes from your lil sookie! Im glad your almost 29 weeks! All the April moms are rooting for you to make it to your next milestone!

  2. OMG. LMAO! The note from Sookie is HILARIOUS! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry by the end. Hysterical. Made my night. I’m sure that went far to cheering you up, too!

    Hope tomorrow is sunnier for you! Let the rainbows shine in!

    • Haha, I love the notes they send from her too. As you can tell, the friends we have watching her are pretty darn funny people. I forwarded it to Kayvan and he said (sarcastically, of course) “We have to get her out of there!” Totally made my day.

  3. I cannot believe those food service people. Please start complaining to anyone who will listen! I can’t BELIEVE they gave you an opened container of cream cheese! Tell you Doc that. Unbelievable. And seriously the refrigerated Ensure was ON your ticket and it was on your tray warm? That’s so ridiculous. Trust me, you’re right to be mad. I would be livid. Tell Kayvan to go on the warpath and start complaining to anyone who will listen. What a joke that food service person is! (Sorry, I’m a hormonal preggo too and that just makes me mad. As if your stay there isn’t hard enough w/out having to deal with morons!)

    • I have started raising a stink with anyone who will listen. One of the workers just knocked on my door with two ensure on an ice tray asking if I want them…I haven’t even ordered lunch yet and I only eat ensure for breakfast. I think they are starting to get the point.

  4. Aww it may be the hormones, but I teared up a little at work reading Sookie’s note to you! I’ve been reading every day, I am SO happy you are almost at 30 weeks! 29 weeks-that’s huge!

    Oh, and you are entitled to be grumpy. Grump all you want, I would be a much worse patient than you are. Oh and btw, I can’t wait to see a picture of the papoose!

    • You teared up because my “dog” sent me a note about getting humped and her head peed on? Def. hormones!

      I’m kidding. I miss her tons and can’t wait for the day she can come visit me here! It has gotten easier but the notes from her totally make my day.

  5. […] I guess Chunk the pug really taught her to mellow out–maybe THAT is why he has been peeing on her head. Sookie Visits me at the […]

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