Day 38: Nursery News

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Blog is a bit late today.  Sorry!  Kayvan got back to the hospital around the time I was ready to blog and I missed him and wanted to catch up.  Yes, he was a whole 30 minutes away for an entire night and I missed him.  That is typical us I guess, probably amplified by the situation we are in.  I was talking to Kayvan this morning and asked if he slept well in our bed.  He told me no.  Granted, the guys were up late last night but Kayvan said that he couldn’t sleep last night because he kept thinking and worrying about me.  As if that weren’t enough, he couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that the last time we were in that bed, my water broke and this whole experience began.  I told him it was funny because I was up until 2 a.m. reading until I was exhausted since I’m not used to him not being in the room.  Before you think we are this gushy pair of newlyweds…we DO spend time apart.  We have both been on a few vacations without each other, but this is different.  I’m not exactly in a hotel in another state.

While he was away yesterday Heather popped in to keep me company for a bit.  Our friends Adam and Jeane’ also came by with baby AJ to say hi, introduce me to little AJ whom I hadn’t met yet and keep me company.  AJ walked away with a little bear hat which I was quite surprised fit his noggin!  As always it was quite nice to see everyone and so nice of you guys to come keep me company.

Onto the nursery.  Kayvan was sent away with a laundry list, I think you can tell by the strike troughs below what got accomplished.

Buy and install the closet organizer

Buy and install the cube shelf

Bring the rocking recliner all the way upstairs (it made it to the 2nd floor, the nursery is on the 3rd)

Paint the brown portion of the brown and tan stripe

I’m not unreasonable, there were THREE men working on this.  However, I was told yesterday that this organizer is a complete pain in the a$$ to install and the directions suck.  Seems Mr. Google says the same thing.  Why would I look THAT up?  I’m not the one installing them…(kidding sweetie).  Kayvan told me today that the real reason he didn’t paint the stripe is because he wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted it.  Yes, I can be particular but I didn’t know that getting something done any way other than the way I want it made my husband nervous.  Now that I know, I fully realize my POWER!  Hubby was right not to bring the rocking recliner all the way upstairs, we are having the carpet steam cleaned next Saturday.  I’m told it is a gargantuan chair and is difficult to move, so why move it twice?

We went with the Martha Stewart Living closet organizer.  It is fully customizable and I really like the ability to make the closet fit your needs.  I haven’t used it yet (obviously) but absolutely LOVE the way this organizer looks and cannot WAIT to put it in the other closets in my house.  Kayvan will call me a dreamer for this.  We really wanted a rocking recliner and needed to save space since the baby’s room is small.  I knew we had to choose between the chair or the dresser.  Being a “have your cake and eat it too” type of girl that I can be, I came up with the idea of replacing a dresser with the closet organizer.  The closet organizer accomplishes what we need, it replaces the dresser since it has drawers and creates extra, organized space in the closet.  This way the gargantuan rocker recliner fits in the nursery and the room isn’t chock full of unnecessary furniture like a changing table I know Kayvan and I will never use.  Take a look at the handiwork!  You will notice in the picture that there is a big gap in the shelves.  One of the drawers Kayvan bought came broken so he exchanged it on his way back to the hospital and it is sitting in here on the bench fully assembled.  I also requested that the top shelf go across the entire top of the closet so we will make that modification later.  Outside of the closet you can see the cube organizer that will go on the other wall next to the rocking recliner.  We will (hopefully) use it for some storage and as a place to set things that Kayvan and I need during midnight feedings.

Baby's New Closet

At first, the boy wasn’t very reactive on the non-stress test this morning.  He was at a steady heart rate of 135 for a while.  I poked him, shifted to my other side and nothing changed that.  Normally I would call the nurse and ask for the apple juice.  What did I do?  I started to fall asleep.  Oops.  The nurse popped in 2 minutes later with apple juice in hand.  I thought I was going to get a good nap in…DARN.  I took a SIP of apple juice and his heart rate went to 145.  He just wanted apple juice.  Boy already knows how to play me.



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  1. Aren’t you behind a day in ur count?? Since you didn’t post on the 30th 🙂

    • Nope! I posted this on the 30th just, later in the day. WordPress is weird with their dates if you post after a certain time 8 pm ET maybe, it goes to the next date. Haven’t posted for the 31st yet but will soon.

      • Darn I was hoping you could add a day 😉

      • LOL me too!

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