Day 37: Hospital Food Service

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So I mentioned in a previous blog that I had a food service rant to get to.  I can’t think of anything better to write about today so, here she goes.

Plainly put, hospital food sucks.  Our amazing family and friends have provided me and Kayvan with tons of food so that we don’t have to entirely live off of the gunk they serve here.  They also do this so that I will continue to gain weight, which is impossible to do on hospital food without drinking at least one ensure a day.  I mean, c’mon, I’m trying to grow a chunky baby here and I’m losing at least a month of pregnancy.

The food service staff here is nice enough.  The menu stinks and stinks even worse that there isn’t much to choose from.  It gets old eating the same thing day in and day out too.  In order to get food I have to call food service, place my order  and remember to ask for things like butter, salt. pepper, etc.  It then takes 45 minutes for my food to get here.  That is all pretty standard.  Some days it takes an hour, and one day it took an hour and a half to get my food.  The day it took an hour and a half I was so hungry I was close to tears.  I had to call them TWICE to actually get my food.  The first time I was told food was on the way up.  The second time, 2o minutes later I told the person on the phone that I need a rush on my food before I hurt someone.  What I really wanted to do was get out of bed and come get it myself.

Tonight the nurse told me I am lucky to have even gotten food.  Their ticketing machine went down AGAIN and most patients on this floor have not gotten food.  What didn’t I get tonight?  Utensils.  I ordered grilled cheese and tomato soup.  No, I don’t need utensils for a sandwich but I’m not a hooligan and would like a spoon and a napkin for my soup.  I have come to lean these sort of outages are very frequent here.

What bothers me the most about food service is that a manager comes by my room at least every other day.  You would think it is good for someone to do this.  But when you have been here as long as I have it is too much and gets old really fast.  I’ve also been here long enough to realize that she serves no real purpose therefore talking to her is a waste of my time.  She always asks me how everything is and if I have any suggestions.  At first I would tell her exactly how everything had been the past two days.  “I usually get my food on time but the other day it took an hour, and the day before that it took an hour and a half.”  I learned that she would always provide me with an excuse as to why food was late.  “Oh yes, people called out because of the snow.”  Um, lady on that particular day schools didn’t even close.  And I don’t care WHY my food was late, I didn’t complain.  I’m only telling you because you asked.  I just care that I was hungry.  I wouldn’t complain if you weren’t here but because you are I assume you want to FIX the problem not make excuses.  Any suggestions?  “Yes.  I have to drink ensure and you guys don’t refrigerate it.  I have options of course but I really don’t want to drink ensure over ice and I also don’t want to stock up, put them in the refrigerator, ask you to bring my food to me then wait for the nurse to bring a cold ensure from the refrigerator.  Could you refrigerate the ensure?”  She said they can do that.  This was about three weeks ago and I have yet to receive a refrigerated ensure.  So I drink it over ice.  What I don’t understand is why this woman comes by my door every other day to ask how everything is if she doesn’t actually DO anything about the problem.  Kayvan doesn’t understand why she drives me nuts.  Plainly put, she doesn’t serve any purpose to me.  She is a manager.  If she spends time on the floor, watching tickets as they arrive and go out, holding her employees accountable, getting someone to come work when people call out etc, she would be of much better service to me without bugging me so often.  A visit once every other day that you do nothing about tells me that you should find something better to do with your time at work. Rant complete.

Kayvan left me for the day today to work on the nursery with two of his friends. They are installing the new closet organizer, starting the tan stripe on the wall and will need to add the brown border a little later once everything has dried.  Hopefully they will be able to lug the new rocking recliner upstairs into the nursery too.  I can’t wait to see it!!!  The boys will hang out a bit tonight as well and Kayvan is going to stay at home tonight.  I’m glad he is able to spend some time with friends and just “get out” even if I have instilled a “no drinking” rule tonight.  Stick in the mud, I know.

The boy was quite the show off on the non-stress test today.  Kicking up a storm, kicking the monitors, swimming around and was just extremely reactive.  I didn’t even have to drink any apple juice to get him going!


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