Day 36: Not the Best Night So Far

January 28, 2011 at 5:33 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 4 Comments
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Yesterday was a very quiet day.  I finished the second book in Charlaine Harris’ Shakespeare series.  I like the books so far but it pales in comparison to the Sookie Bookies as I call them.  I think I’m going to have to start calling them by their actual name, “The Sookie Stackhouse Series” because now Snooki of the Jersey Shore has written a book.  Yes, I guess she can write and I’ve heard it referred to as the Snooki Book.  Though, that’s not the the actual title.  I think it is called something like “A Shore Thing.”  Whatever.  It’s bad enough people hear my poor puppy’s name wrong and call her Snooki–it’s Sookie, damnit!

I had a new nurse yesterday and she loved that I crochet.  She crochets too and went through the bucket of hats I’ve made so far and talked about a few new patterns of baby stuff she found.  Last night she brought me a pattern for a baby papoose.  Something I never would have thought to make but the darn thing is so cute I’m just going to have to!  Kayvan’s going to have to get me some new yarn this weekend though, I don’t want a solid color.  I’m thinking something extra super soft and maybe even slightly fuzzy would be cute.  Really it is whatever Kayvan brings back for me, I guess.  This morning she brought a bootie pattern for me so I may try that out today or tomorrow.

For all of you co-workers out there reading this, you may want to skip this part due to the TMI factor.  Last night was a bit rough,  I started bleeding at about 8:00p.m.  Leaking is okay, good even.  Bleeding is not.  They put me on the non-stress test, did a complete blood count (CBC) on me to check for infection and the nurse and doctor (actually a fellow at the practice) were happy with what they saw.  Baby was reactive, no contractions and my CBC came back just fine.  My doctor popped in this morning so I told her about the bleed and that I continued to bleed through the night.  She told me not to eat (she likes to do that) and had me whisked away to an ultrasound (at which point I stopped bleeding).  They found no cause for the bleed on the ultrasound.  The reason for the drama is still unknown, frustrating.  Nothing new at least.  My subchorionic hemhorrage (SCH) clot from the first trimester was still there but it is old and seems to just be a clot, nothing active and no cause for concern.  My doctor was very happy with that.  They also stuck me on the non-stress test this morning and everything with baby is still fine.  Good heart rate, he is still reactive and I had no contractions.  I got to eat breakfast thanks to his good behavior and they will continue to monitor me.  No more bleeding since I woke up so that is a good sign.  We will see what this evening brings but I’m pretty darn confident that this child will NOT be born in January.  Especially since I managed to convince Kayvan to stay at home on Saturday night.



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  1. Sorry about your bleeding! But lol @ nurse telling you not to eat comment.

    BTW, Snooki’s book is NOT proof that she can write, but only proof that there is some courageous man or woman out there who was able to tolerate Snooki long enough to listen to her and capture every soberless word until a complete, tangible novel was created! Though really, they could have just plagiarized Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and just added words like “guidette”, “juicehead”, “HAM!”, “smush”, “pickles!”, “MUH!”…and people would take it for truth.

    Okay, before you can call me out, I love Jersey Shore! And yes, I’m watching this season and their return to Seaside! :p

    Can’t wait to see your papoose!

    P.S. Read World War Z!

    • It is the DOCTOR who likes to withhold my food. Meanie.

      Good point on Snooki’s book. Way to come out of the closet there you Jersey Shore aholic. I have to finish this series before I can start World War Z (only a book and a half to go) but it is next on the list…for now. 🙂

  2. Hi Jamie – Belated congrats on reaching 28 weeks! Woohoo!!! You’re an awesome Momma.
    Your hats are so adorable – you should go into business.
    Is my DVR broken or were Grey’s and Private Practice repeats AGAIN last night? I haven’t had any new shows on my DVR list all week – WTH???
    Continue to enjoy your opportunities to leave your room. Take good care!

    • Ya, toootally repeats. Pissed. Don’t they know I need new episodes?!

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