Day 35: Snow Gridlock? Huh?!

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I have gotten pretty good at finding little things to be thankful for while being in here.  One of those things occurred last night.  This so called snow gridlock that the DC area experienced.  Tons and tons of people had 6+ hour commutes home for a drive that would take 20 – 45 minutes.  My friend Heather works in the same building I do and lives 5 minutes from my house.  She left work at 7:15 and it took her 3.5 hours to get home.  I couldn’t imagine doing that snowy commute pregnant after a full day of work. I imagine I would be on the phone with Kayvan in tears after the first two hours.  Facebook told me that tons of co-workers tried to get out only to return to the office again and “work,” some over a glass of wine or two they found stashed at the office.  Others crashed at the homes of co-workers who lived nearby or found a hotel.  One poor soul left the office at 2:30ish, came to visit me around 3 and got kicked out by me when it started snowing.  She left here I’m guessing around 3:45 and didn’t get home until 11:30 p.m.  Nuts!  (Sorry Kim, maybe it would have been wiser if I made you wait it out here!!!)  I so would have been one of those poor souls on the road for several hours had I not been in the hospital, stuck on warm and toasty bed rest.

I have a theory though.  I’m thinking that the DC area went so over budget on snow removal services last year that the transportation departments had to make up for it this year.  So they A) cut budgets with the hope that people would have to leave their vehicles and B) they would tow those vehicles and charge the owners to get their cars out of impound thus MAKING some of the money back.  What do you think, have I had too much time to think or what?

I worked on the baby blanket I have been working on for the boy and made a few inches worth of progress yesterday before I got bored and started on a  matching stocking cap.  I’ve mentioned that photography has become one of my hobbies.  What better photo subject than a sleeping baby of your very own?  I have the idea for a photo of a naked baby in a basket with a stocking cap draping over the edge.  So I made the hat.  See?

Little Stocking Cap

Oh!  I also passed the Gestational Diabetes test.  My numbers came back at 70.  Wahooooo.  At least we dodged THAT complication.

I started reading the Charlaine Harris Shakespere series two days ago and made it through a book and a few chapters in one night.  I forgot to tell you folks about that.  It’s an easy read but one thing I admire about Charlaine Harris is that she knows how to hook you from the beginning.  In these two books, someone is dead by the second chapter…and that means there is a mystery to solve. Now that I’ve crocheted a ton this morning I think I will read this evening.  Heck, maybe Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice will have some new episodes on the air tonight.

The non stress test went well this morning.  I did have one contraction and I actually felt it this time but baby maintained his heart rate through it.  As long as I’m not having other contractions, which I’m not, one contraction is okay.


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