Day 34: Busy Day

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Holy lots of stuff to do batman!  So last night I had to fast after midnight.  Normally not too hard for me to do.  I had an apple at 10 and a banana at 11 but for some reason once the clock struck midnight I HAD to have food.  Too late, it was just me and my buddy water until morning.  The nurse woke me at 6 a.m. to drink the sugary sweet orange stuff for the Gestational Diabetes test.  People say it reminds them of flat orange soda and that it is just plain awful tasting.  The flat orange soda might actually taste good.  This tasted like flat orange soda with 25 packets of sugar added.  If I hadn’t heard the flat orange soda description so many times I would describe it more as those pop ice things from my childhood, but unfrozen–admit it, you drank them before they were frozen too.  I prefer my orange soda cut with sprite so this was definitely too sweet for this gummy bear and candyaholic.  The nurse gave the orange gunk to me over ice, which made it drinkable.   It made my throat all slimy though.  Gross.  I was hoping to sleep for an hour before the blood guy came in.  Fat chance I was on a total sugar high.

The blood guy came in at 7 to draw my blood and check sugar levels.  Again I got the small veins comment (ugh) and again it hurt a little when he stuck me.  About half way through the blood draw the blood just stopped flowing into his little tube.  Dude said, “Hm, it stopped, that shouldn’t happen” as sweat beads from his head dripped all over my arm.  Mind you by now I was queasy from drinking all of that sugar on an empty stomach and it took all I had not to vomit as soon as that sweat hit my flesh.  Disgusting but in true Jamie fashion I said, “Oh, that’s okay!” with a smile when he apologized.  He proceeded to poke the needle around in the crook of my elbow to get the blood flowing again before I told him no digging and to just find a new vein.  Dude, if it isn’t working, it isn’t working.  Move on.  So again I got stuck with the needle he got the blood he needed and off dude went.  I don’t have the results from the test yet but I’m really hoping I passed this one and don’t have to do the 3 hour test.

Of course I had a sugar crash after that sugar high and slept for almost another two hours.  There was a knock at the door at 9:45, the ultrasound tech  was here to take me to my ultrasound.  Groggy I asked “I’m getting an ultrasound today?”  No one had told me but I’m not going to argue with that!  I knew it would be shorter than the one we had last week and was probably just to measure fluid.  They don’t measure baby’s weight more than every 3 weeks because the read isn’t accurate if done too frequently.  So anywho, out of bed for me and off to the ultrasound room.  No good pictures of baby’s face but the fluid is up to 4.5 (they measure twice, one measure was at 4.8)!  Kayvan and I were thrilled to see the jump from 3.1 to 4.5 in only a week.

We just got back from the NICU tour.  The woman who arranges and gives them was so nice and helpful.  The first thing she said was how happy she was to learn I am still here.  She told us that she had been watching us the day we came in and was very happy that we made it through the night but was even happier when our name came off of her “immediate” list.  Her biggest concern was making sure I was comfortable, at ease and worry free.  She came to meet us in our room and gave us some reading material.  She shared some rules with us too.  Only parents are allowed in the NICU, no grandparents, no friends.  Children are not even allowed on the floor in the waiting area.  Sorry everyone, we will take lots of pictures for you but I like these rules.  Gotta keep baby germ free.  We also learned that we will each be given a bracelet as soon as baby is born and have to keep it on even after we are discharged in order to come visit the little guy.  After the quick little review it was to the wheelchair and down to the NICU.  When I stood up to get in the chair the woman giving us the tour commented how teeny I am.  Made me a little sad because I was just starting to think I’m getting big!  Darn.  The elevator felt SO strange to me on the ride down.  I guess I forgot what being on an elevator feels like.  Once we got to the NICU, The first room we saw was full of the itty bitty preemies.  They were on monitors, in isolettes, etc.  One little babe started screaming the minute we walked in the room, he was a bit bigger than the rest and not on many monitors.  The nurse walked over, put her gown on picked him up, calmed him down and just sat in the rocker with him.  I knew she was a nurse, but Kayvan thought she was a mom.  He was so impressed.  I was too but not as much as him since I knew she was a nurse.  The second room we saw had little mini cribs set up and was just for babies who needed to learn how to eat, digest and expel (we will call it) before going home.  These babies were much bigger.  Kayvan and I would love it if we can take little man home with us, but if he isn’t quite ready I prefer room two.  Who knows where we will be in a few months.  Only time will tell.

The non stress test went well today.  On and off rather quickly.  The boy seemed to be sleeping probably on his sugar crash.  I drank apple juice and that didn’t work so I resorted to poking at him.  That worked remarkably well.  Kayvan still hates that I poked at him.  I used to be able to say, what the amniotic fluid will protect him.  I know he is still fine to be poked at but I don’t have any reasoning for him.



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  1. Hi guys!
    Congratulations! we’re happy you reached the 28 week milestone.

    We love you!
    take care

  2. Loving to read your posts. Keep em coming!

    Oh, and I TOTALLY don’t blame you for staying germ free. Having Olivia in the winter (full-term) I avoided having ANYONE over for 6-8 weeks. Some were offended. But ultimately, she was well and it was worth it. Keep that rule even when you take him home!

    • I was talking about this with a friend today. Told her people are going to think I’m SO overbearing mommy but guess what? I DON’T CARE!!! LOL.

  3. I did my glucose test yesterday, too… except I had to do the 3 hour one. By the time they let me go I was shaking so hard I could hardly walk, and I slept the entire rest of the day and all night after… they made me drink 75 grams of glucose in that same orange stuff… ack. I’m a sugar addict too but that was just gross.

    Look at the bright side- I had to have 4 blood draws, and they stuck the needle in the same spot all 4 times because it’s the only spot where I have a vein that’s easily visible and accessible… at least you only got the needle torture once…

    For some reason my doctor doesn’t do the 1-hour test at all, all her patients go straight for the 3 hour test.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that your test comes back fine and you don’t have to do the 3 hour test!!!

    • Your doctor is just evil. She doesn’t do the one hour?? Not fun. Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed…it worked! Did you get your tests back yet?

      • No it takes about a week, they send the blood somewhere to have it analyzed.

        I asked why they do the really complicated test instead of the simpler one and the answer I got was that the simple test can miss a diabetic, whereas the complicated test is more accurate. Personally I think they got sued or something and now do the complicated test to CYA.

  4. My mother also gets outraged when I poke my babes to get them moving. Baby girl fell asleep in the middle of my kick count yesterday, so every time I poked her, she kicked. It made things easier, except for the horrified look on my moms face. 🙂 I had also heard that if you put a flashlight to your belly that might cause movement because they can see light now. She hid all of the flashlights in her house so I couldn’t try it.

    Hope your glucose test goes well!

    • Oh goodness, what fun is parenting if you can’t torment your kids a little bit? They’re fine! I’m told the flashlight trick DOES work, though no flashlights here.

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