Day 32: I Still Don’t Like Mondays

January 24, 2011 at 5:11 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 2 Comments
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Before I ended up in the hospital I would sit up Sunday night and grumble that the following day was “ugh, Mondayyyy.”  Most people don’t like Monday.  It means their fantastic weekend is over and they have to return to their regularly scheduled program for the next five days.  Some people don’t like their jobs thus amplifying the Monday effect.  Traffic and crappy drivers with road rage don’t help the cause any either.  Last night I found myself sitting in bed dreading the fact that Monday was indeed coming.  Mind you, most days I don’t know what day of the week it is.  I just can’t keep track.  They’re all the same.  So why on earth was I dreading the ever-looming Monday?  I don’t know.  Maybe it is because I had so many visitors this weekend and I’m going to miss having everyone popping by.  It could be sympathy agony for all of you folks who get to go to work every day.  Maybe it’s just that old habits die hard.  It could have been that I subconsciously knew I was due for a 6 a.m. blood draw, even though the nurses didn’t tell me.

About that blood draw.  I’ve said before that the lab techs are good.  Ya, I meant MOST lab techs are good.  I have learned that if someone with a needle says “You have small veins.” It means, “This is going to hurt.”  The tech this morning is the first who told me that when drawing blood (IVs are a totally different story).  The veins in the crook of my elbow are huge.  I kindly told her in my groggy sleeping stupor that the tourniquet was very loose and she said it didn’t matter.  Let me tell you, my shirt sleeve was tighter than that little piece of elastic.  She left it where it was, poked at my vein with her finger and eventually, painfully shoved the needle in.  Um, ouch, thanks.  Needless to say, I was wiiiide awake after that.

I have been looking for a rocking recliner for the baby room and finally found one on Craigslist that we like.  The listing says it sat in a study and was hardly used.  Hubby is going to go over and see the thing tonight and then if it is what they say it is, pick it up on Saturday.  Yayyy!  We are slowly but surely making progress toward being ready for this kid.

It has been a quiet morning.  Baby boy and I passed the non-stress test rather quickly today and we continue to plug along toward our ultimate goal of making it to 36 weeks.  One of the doctors popped in this morning and Kayvan reminded him that tomorrow is 28 weeks and they have promised me wheelchair rides.  My sweet hubby.  The doctor had to make sure my expectations were in check, of course.  I can go to the “social hour” classes once weekly and take a NICU tour.  That is it.  No leaving the wing (except to tour the NICU), no visits to the cafeteria, no strapping an engine to the back of the wheelchair and whizzing around like I own the joint (okay I took the liberty of adding that part myself).  Fine, I don’t care what the rules are.  I will follow them.  Just LET ME OUT OF THIS ROOM FOR A BIT!  The nurse scheduled a NICU tour for Wednesday so we have that to look forward to.



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  1. Yay I am glad to see that you and the baby are doing well… I am finally caught up on your blog! I have to read it on my phone because my computer is crap

  2. yay! you get to see new walls! congrats! enjoy!

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