Day 30: How Could I Forget?

January 22, 2011 at 4:54 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 2 Comments
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…well technically I can think of one reason…

With all of this insanity going on the past month, it took a bit for my birthday present from Kayvan to get ordered and come in…and for Kayvan to go into the office and bring it home with him.  After all of that waiting I forgot to share what he got me!  So what did my dearest husband get for me?!  The 50 mm camera lens I’ve wanted for like a year!  Yippeee!  He also got a new camera bag for me since the one I got with the camera was tearing at the strap…and he got me 16 GB of extra memory.  I LOVE it.  All of it.  I spent the night before last playing with all of the new stuff, re-organizing my new camera bag, playing with the new lens and flash I got for Christmas and even teaching Kayvan about bounce flash.  That way, when he takes pictures of my pasty face he knows not to point the flash right at me and make me look even more Pasty McPasteface than I am. He is still shooting on auto but I’m convinced I’ll have him shooting in manual one day.  I did learn one thing the other night…manual focus seems to piss him off.  LOL.

Yesterday was pretty good. I finished reading “Water for Elephants.”  It was a good book.  I’m amazed at the research the author obviously put into the book.  They are making it into a movie but I definitely recommend reading the book if you are at all interested.  It is about the train circus in the 30s and has quite a bit of good drama and even some romance.  One of my besties came by to visit last night too.  Was so good to see her, she even brought Kayvan a brownie.  I mentioned that though our neighbor is spending time with our kitty every day, he is getting lonely.  So she is going to take him for the next few months.  I’m sure Jax will hate her new puppy, Lilly–at least at first.  He will either keep his distance or learn to love her as he did with his Sookie.  Last night I didn’t get tired until midnight so I finished off the second skein of yarn on the baby blanket.  I thought I had a good two foot of the blanket done…until I pulled out the measuring tape.  It is 1 foot 3 inches by 4 foot.  Man, I was WAY off and still have about another 3 feet to go.

Today is going well so far.  We have learned that my cravings for apple juice aren’t for naught.  Baby really loves that stuff.  He gets reactive on the non-stress tests consistently faster when I drink it.  Good for me since I’m no good at sitting still on those monitors.  Kayvan is off to finish painting the nursery and take Jaxie to Heather’s house today.  A few folks will be by to visit today too.  Can’t wait to see everyone!



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  1. That’s what I call a good birthday present 🙂 Did you get the 1.8 or 1.4? I’m glad your stay is still uneventful and that the baby is doing well. BTW, I would’ve been pissed at that nursing student too if she bothered me in the bathroom.

    • Right?! He got the 1.8. He said he almost got a 35 mm lens but I’m glad he got the 50 because it is what I’ve wanted. Getting the inexpensive stuff for now and then we will move onto that 24-70 I want so badly.

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