Day 30: How Could I Forget?

January 22, 2011 at 4:54 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 2 Comments
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…well technically I can think of one reason…

With all of this insanity going on the past month, it took a bit for my birthday present from Kayvan to get ordered and come in…and for Kayvan to go into the office and bring it home with him.  After all of that waiting I forgot to share what he got me!  So what did my dearest husband get for me?!  The 50 mm camera lens I’ve wanted for like a year!  Yippeee!  He also got a new camera bag for me since the one I got with the camera was tearing at the strap…and he got me 16 GB of extra memory.  I LOVE it.  All of it.  I spent the night before last playing with all of the new stuff, re-organizing my new camera bag, playing with the new lens and flash I got for Christmas and even teaching Kayvan about bounce flash.  That way, when he takes pictures of my pasty face he knows not to point the flash right at me and make me look even more Pasty McPasteface than I am. He is still shooting on auto but I’m convinced I’ll have him shooting in manual one Continue Reading Day 30: How Could I Forget?…


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