Day 29: Brownies

January 21, 2011 at 5:34 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 3 Comments
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If only I remembered to write down the stuff Kayvan says in here after he says it I would have a really funny blog post.  I have never been good at memorizing stuff like that anyhow and pregnancy brain only amplifies that.  One thing I do remember him saying is back from the first few weeks.  I mentioned how much I loved nachos and all of a sudden everyone was bringing me nachos.  Yay!  Kayvan commented on this fact and said.  “You need to blog about how you love brownies.  That way people will bring you brownies and I can eat them!”  I’m obviously following his instructions by writing the following:  Kayvan likes brownies…sans icing, sans nuts, Ghirardelli preferred if they are made from a box mix.  😉

Yesterday was BORING. Kayvan went to work and I sat here by myself all day.  I didn’t feel like crocheting but worked on the blanket a bit.  I also read a bit more of “Water for Elephants” which is shaping up to be a good book now that I am half way through.  There was NOTHING good on TV during the day.  I watched a bit of “Ellen” which I always enjoy but that was it.  At least I had a new episode of Grey’s to look forward to at night, right?  WRONG.  Damn you scheduling people.  You just came off of a month-long hiatus to give us two new episodes and leave us on a cliffhanger and give us a REPEAT?!  Please tell me, what is it about next weeks ratings you are looking forward to?  Or what premiere was on last night that you didn’t want to compete with?  I can’t think of another reason for throwing another break at us last night.  If I weren’t desperate for good TV right now I would so protest next week.

This morning has gone well so far.  I had some apple juice during the non-stress test since the boy was kicking around in the morning and seemed to be sleeping.  No need to sit on those monitors foreveer.  I’m extra sleepy today and my sinuses are killing me.  I’m thinking a nap is in order after lunch.



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  1. They probably didn’t want to compete with the return of American Idol? I don’t know, I’m pissed too.

  2. Oh no! I havent checked my DVR yet so I didnt know they didnt have a new Grey’s. That really makes me mad!

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