Day 29: Brownies

January 21, 2011 at 5:34 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 3 Comments
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If only I remembered to write down the stuff Kayvan says in here after he says it I would have a really funny blog post.  I have never been good at memorizing stuff like that anyhow and pregnancy brain only amplifies that.  One thing I do remember him saying is back from the first few weeks.  I mentioned how much I loved nachos and all of a sudden everyone was bringing me nachos.  Yay!  Kayvan commented on this fact and said.  “You need to blog about how you love brownies.  That way people will bring you brownies and I can eat them!”  I’m obviously following his instructions by writing the following:  Kayvan likes brownies…sans icing, sans nuts, Ghirardelli preferred if they are made from a box mix.  😉

Yesterday was BORING. Kayvan went to work and I sat here by myself all day.  I didn’t feel like crocheting but worked on the blanket a bit.  I also read a bit more Continue Reading Day 29: Brownies…


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