Day 28: Privacy Please

January 20, 2011 at 4:47 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 10 Comments
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I have somewhat gotten used to the fact that you have ZERO privacy in here.  I have a private room and that helps a bit but I still have several “visits” throughout the day…doctors, nurses, food service managers, food service bringing my food and picking up the tray, you name it.  Now we can add nursing students to that list.  Yesterday was the first day of the beginning of the semester and I met two new nursing students.  Both of whom were very nice.  Mid-afternoon one of the nursing students was sent in to do my vitals.  Only trouble is, I had JUST run into the bathroom.  Now, mind you, I wouldn’t subject you to bathroom humor at my own expense if it weren’t clean and funny.  With that being said I will proceed with my story.  I was in the bathroom when I heard the nursing student come into our room and say to Kayvan that she will just come back.  60 seconds later I heard her come through the door again.  Um, ya…give me at least 3 minutes please?  That is how much time the teachers in school would give you if you needed a bathroom break during class and even that was a ridiculously short amount of time.  During the nursing student’s second visit I heard her say to Kayvan that she will just wait.  Then I hear her say, “Let me make sure she is okay.”  So she knocks on the door and says, “Are you okay?” I respond yes and flush the toilet as I hear the door start to open.  “I think to myself SERIOUSLY?!  You need to come in?!  I SAID I was okay.  Ugh.”  I mean, what did she think?  that I decided to play fugitive and leave my room!?  Or maybe like those commercials you used to see on TV I had fallen and couldn’t get up.  Who knows what scenes were playing in her head.  I’m pregnant, not a rehab patient who just learned to walk again.  I can handle the bathroom on my own, thanks.  It seems the sound of the toilet flushing made her believe that I was indeed okay and thankfully she did not come all the way into the bathroom.  But that didn’t stop me from getting a tad bit snappy with the poor girl.  Giving her a dirty look and saying to her “I sure hope that was urgent because you don’t get much privacy in here.”  Usually I feel bad after being the slightest bit mean to people.  But that was not mean.  That was me teaching her what not to do.  I like to think any other person would have reacted the same way or perhaps a bit more harshly depending on their level of pregnancy hormones that day.  I let her take my vitals even though I just wanted to say, “Nope my nurse will need to do that.”  As so on as she closed the door to my room behind her I looked over at Kayvan and snapped “What the hell was that?”  At least we got a good chuckle.

I stuck to my guns and started reading again yesterday.  I did crochet quite a bit too but I’ve now started to make a bit of progress on “Water for Elephants”  So far so good.  They are making it into a movie so if it comes out in the theaters after I get out of here, maybe I can break away from the anticipated screaming infant and go see it.  Fat chance, right?  It was pretty slow yesterday aside from the bathroom incident.  Kayvan and I managed to watch a few more episodes of “The Wire” later in the day and I discovered some storage unit auction TV show on A&E that makes for good do-nothing television.  There doesn’t seem to be any MTV in here or I would be watching repeats of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, screaming at the television all the while.  My co-worker, Kim came up for a bit after an incredibly long day at work.  I told her the bathroom story and ranted about the food service lady coming in to ask me how things are every other day.  I will save that rant to share with you later.

The non-stress test went well this morning.  The little bugger had hiccups when the nurse first put him on the monitor.  He must have hiccuped himself to sleep because he wasn’t giving us much variability.  After 20 minutes the nurse brought me a popsicle…yes at 10:20 a.m. to get him moving and that worked well enough.  All in all we’re doing well.  Can you believe that today is officially 4 WEEKS since I first landed my butt in here?  Sunday will mark one whole month.  Where has it all gone?  They tell you that you no longer have a life after you have a baby…no one told me that this would happen BEFORE I have a baby.



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  1. I can’t believe that 4 weeks ago I get a text from you calmly telling me that your water broke and if I could work from the hospital so i could keep you company. Crazy! 🙂 It’s gone by fast and I’m soo sooo happy that you are doing so well! Love you chica!

    • Insane, right? Thanks for all of your support (and books, and for eating my gummy bears…which by the way Kayvan bought more of last night so you will have to come by). 🙂

  2. Hey momma,

    I have been following you since you posted on WTE that you were in the hospital. Well, surprise surprise, I am now on bedrest in a hospital an hour and a half away from my husband and two hours away from my parents. I had pre term labour and am three cm dialated with twins, so I will be here until they are born. I am at 27w6d.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’m here and feeling your pain and joys!

    • So sorry to hear you are going through the same thing. On the positive, you’ve made it to 28 weeks so that is good for those babes. Keep em cookin as long as you can! Find some books too. The nurses here have told me there is a book cart full of books people have left behind. Maybe ask yours if they have the same. Best wishes to the three of you!

  3. Hey love, I need you to email me hospital info so that I can come see you on Sunday. We can be there around 11 or 12ish, if that is a good time frame. Can’t wait to see you. xoxo

  4. I’ve had bad experiences with students as well. DON’T EVER let them put in your catheter (or try to.) That’s all I’m gonna say! You’re doing great, girl–keep it up!!

    • Haha! I wondered yesterday if they got to do IVs on patients. I didn’t even think about catheters. I wouldn’t ever let a student do more than take my temperature, BP and fetal heart rate…okay they could check my heart rate too. I guess you have to learn somehow but you couldn’t even pay me for that kind of torture.

  5. Wow–after reading your posts, I can’t believe how similar our stories are–I have blogged about many of these same issues and find it re-assuring/amusing/inspiring/gut-wrenching, etc. that there is someone else out there with a similar situation. I have to give you credit though for being in the hospital for 8 weeks–I am going on 3 and this is no easy feat–you are a trooper. Will be following your blog and looking forward to comparing notes!

  6. […] on my door and come into my room as I was getting into the shower.  Thankfully he wasn’t a nursing student.  Well, the doctor just came by again and the first thing he said was, “That was not a 10 […]

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