Day 27: I Need to Put Down The Needle

January 19, 2011 at 8:19 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Crochet | 2 Comments

I have a serious problem now.  It keeps me entertained, yes, but it is a problem none the less. I’m spending entirely too much of my time crocheting. Yesterday I took a timeout on the blanket to start a hat for my mother in law.  I worked on it all day yesterday and finished it last night.  If that wasn’t enough I started another little boy hat…we will call this one a bear hat even though it is the same as the monkey hat.  I finished that this morning.  See the evidence of my addiction for yourself.

Hat for Mama-in-law

Baby Bear HatI am going to make it a goal to pick up a book and read today.  Who knows, maybe I will even get sucked in enough to put the needle down all day and finish the book.  I’m about two chapters in on “Water for Elephants” so we shall see how it goes.

Last night momma-in-law brought us Persian food for dinner.  A new dish I haven’t tried yet.  Pan Kabob.  It was DELISH!  Persian Chicken Stew is still my favorite so far but Pan Kabob was tasty.  She also brought us some yummy chicken, saffron rice, roasted tomatoes and salad shirazi.  I’ve been dying for salad shirazi so that hit the spot.  Thanks for dinner!

I got a letter from Sookie yesterday.  I really look forward to these little notes from her, they crack me up.  (Thank you Stacey!)

Dear Mama,

When are you coming home? I miss you! Chunk keeps stealing my food and today they made me poop on ice. ICE mama!

Luckily, the little ones keep feeding me cheerios so I can forget about the ice for a while.  Today we ran around in circles for a long long time.  It was very fun, but I got very very tired and now I am sleeping all by myself on the recliner.  I like when Uncle Phil is playing video games and Aunt Stacey is playing Angry Birds.  Then they leave me alone and stop trying to pet me.  I just want to sleep here with my tongue out.

Yesterday, Aunt Stacey gave me a great big kiss and said it was from you for my birthday.  Aunt Stacey also gave me a homemade doggie cookie made by her pastry chef friend, Kris. She said it was all-natural and that what you didnt know wouldnt hurt you, but I’m telling you anyway.

They do let me sleep between them though.  Chunk just sighs and moves to the foot of the bed.  Smart dog.  Aunt Stacey and Uncle Phil say that I’m getting spoiled and when Baby K comes I’d better get used to being 2nd dog — what does that mean, Mama?

Love you and miss you tons!


I have another confession.  I play favorites.  We have our favorite nurse again today.  The nurses sneak in while we are sleeping during their shift change and write their names on our white board.  So Kayvan and I were excited to see our favorite nurse’s name on the board when we woke up.  We only had her the first few days when we got to High Risk Pregnancy and all of the other nurses have been great but they don’t quite measure up to her.

The non-stress test went by quickly this morning which I always appreciate.  They look for variability in the baby’s heart rate and what they call 10 and 10’s.  Basically, if his baseline heart rate is an average of 140 they want to see him go up to 150 10 times in 10 minutes.  Baby doesn’t always like to show us 10 and 10’s quickly and does it on his own terms.  Today the nurse got the doctors to agree to take me off after 20 minutes even though baby’s heart rate was not exactly giving them 10 and 10’s.  As soon as she came back with the okay with the doctors to take me off, he started to give us the variability that we needed.  Of course!  She took me off the monitors anyway.  🙂



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  1. love the hats 🙂 glad baby is doing great!

  2. I actually look forward to Sookie’s “letters home” as well! Stacey can watch my puppy anytime! ^_^

    Glad everything is going great! I’ll definitely be bringing you some masculine-themed books ASAP. And maybe a book on crocheting an ammo belt or beer can holder so the men can be included! :p

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