Day 26: 27 Weeks!

January 18, 2011 at 4:18 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 7 Comments
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Today I got TWO high fives from my doctor.  We made it another week!  Just one more until we hit 28, my next big milestone!  So 27 weeks, insane.  The day we were admitted, December 23rd was so scary.  No one knew if we would make to the 24 week mark let alone 27.  I’m so glad we have.  Yippeee!

Kayvan headed into the office for a bit this morning.  Despite spending pretty much every waking moment with him the past  25 days, I miss him when he isn’t here.  At the same time, I’m happy when he goes in.  There is no need for both of us to be all cooped up.  One of us may as well enjoy the real world.  This morning I tried talking him into spending a night or two at home but he wasn’t having it.  I have one good hubby.

Though Kayvan wasn’t working yesterday he did do SOME work…for the hospital.  The wireless connection here is purely awful.  Since my braniac husband understands computer network stuff he took it upon himself to troubleshoot exactly why the internet connection here is so horrendous.  He found packet loss (don’t ask me to explain it) on the network, called the help line and logged a ticket.  So yesterday he called back to check the status and was told that the ticket was closed and the issue was on our end…impossible since he confirmed the trouble indeed lies within their network and had the ticket reopened.  He heard back from them today with confirmation that they found an issue with the wireless on the hospital’s end.  It will probably take a few days to fix.  However, he asked me to get a number from one of the nurses for the IT department so he can bark it up the chain of command and have it fixed faster.  He is doing all of this so that I can watch TV online without a 30 minute show taking an hour and a half to watch.  He loves me.

Yesterday we just chugged along.  Kayvan woke up and started to log into work when I reminded him that he had the day off.  He is one of the lucky ones who actually gets holidays so I figured I shouldn’t let him work through it.  He even “debated” me on the fact before confirming I was right and logging on to play his video game instead.  Millie came to visit for a bit yesterday as well.  She had a sleepover with her niece and nephew the night before and had some good “things kids say” stories to share.  Those babies are a trip and it sounds like they gave her a run for her money.  We laughed a lot!

I’m still on the non-stress test this morning but just got the word that I will get to come off of it in 5 minutes.  I think that was 10 minutes ago but who is counting?  I’m not going anywhere today anyhow.



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  1. Do you have a husband Auntie? :-)Oh wait, according to them I’m only 16… I’ll take it!

    • Cracks me up that Gabby told on you. 😉

  2. Jamie,

    You are a super lucky girl. You have an awesome hubby, a big spirit and, in spite of it all, an exceptional miracle baby. When your family is home and long settled in, I would love to come see you and your miracle.

    Keep going with the updates! I think about you every day and I’m so glad when I get to read that all is still super great!

    • So sweet of you to say. Would love for the your babies to come play. Will you be going to Jeremy and Kelly’s wedding? Pretty sure baby will be there too. We’re planning to get Momma-in-law a room at the hotel too so she can babysit. He will be in the area–just not at the wedding.

  3. LOL, being we share the same name, I should have included a last name! haha

  4. glad things are still going well! 🙂

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