Day 25: Ultrasound Today!

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We just got back from our ultrasound and I am all smiles!  I love getting to see this little guy…even if it is only to measure the tummy and the legs and the fluid, etc. and I have to ask very very nicely to see his little face.  Now I don’t know the scale of measurement (I think it is cubic centimeters or just centimeters) but when we were admitted on 12/23 there was 3.5 of fluid.  We had a scary morning on 12/27 and had an ultrasound to measure fluid only and we were down to 1.3 of fluid.  As of this morning the fluid levels are back up to 3.1.  Still really low.  Any amount less than 8 is considered low.  The tech also measured his approximate weight.  At last measure, little guy was 1 lb 6 oz and now, 25 days later he is up to 2 lbs 4 oz.  I cannot put into words how happy I am that he is over 2 lbs!  The very reason I am all smiles.  As I said earlier, I asked very nicely for a picture of his little face.  The tech was super sweet and tried to get a good one for us.  She explained that with the low fluid levels the images never really come out well.  As you can see for yourself, she wasn’t exaggerating.  It also doesn’t help that the image below is a picture of a picture.  It is kind of like one of those 3D puzzles.  If you squint really hard you might be able to get the idea.  The top arrow is his left eye and the bottom is pointing at his nose.  I think that is a hand on the bottom right of his face but it is so dark over there that it is tough to tell.  If I were a gambling woman, I would put my money on this little bit looking JUST like his daddy.  Poor thing (I’m JOKING!).

26 weeks 6 days

When my doctor transferred us to this hospital she lost us as patients.  She doesn’t have privileges here.  So, on the scariest day of my life to date I was surrounded by doctors I have never met and immediately put all of my trust in their hands.  I had no choice.  Little did I know at the time what great doctors they are.  There are four doctors in the practice and until this morning we had only met 3 of them.  I started researching all of the doctors as soon as I could and learned that one of the doctors (the one we hadn’t met yet) is chief of staff at this hospital.  That little fact, among other things I learned about their practice immediately put me at ease.  We are in the best hands we could possibly be, at the best hospital we could possibly be in this area.  I’m telling you all of this because today we met that fourth doctor, the one who is chief of staff here and he is awesome.  He came in and the first thing he said was “You have been here a while but we haven’t met.”  So he sat on my bed and took me through everything again, the risk for infection, the signs we are keeping our eyes out for, etc., etc. etc., I have gained all of this information bit by bit from the nurses.  One of the doctors sat down and talked with me about our risks but she never went into the whats and whys of it all.  This doctor did.  You can just tell that he is a “teacher” by nature.  Some people are just that type.  That is the type of person I work best with because the whats and whys help me understand the process so I can do a better job.  Usually this is applied to work but it fits here too.

There are 3 birthdays in our family today.  My brother Jeremy, who has one of those birthdays, informed me that the plate is too full today and he is unwilling to share anymore so baby cannot be born today.  After the ultrasound I have full confidence that we can be sure that won’t happen.  Happy Birthday to Nikki, Jeremy and our little pup Sookie!

I mentioned yesterday that Kayvan went home to paint the nursery and that I was hoping for pictures at the end of the day.  He did take a video of the room for me but it is only trimmed out at the moment.  I forgot the fact that he had to go buy paint, take down the wire frame in the closet (since his neurotic wife wants the closet painted) clean out the remnants of what used to be our office and we never fully finished reorganizing and then start the prep work for paint.  So the room is all trimmed out and will hopefully be easy for him to finish up the next time he is home.  While he was gone I had lots of time to myself to work on the blanket I started the day before.  Right now it is about 4 ft by 10 inches.  Slowly but surely making progress.  I had to put the thing down for a little bit and started working on a new hat last night.  Yesterday some of the girls from our ‘No Book Book Club’ (NBBC) stopped by for a visit.  You see, we started a book club as a way for the large group of girls to at least try to see one another monthly.  That failed because no one actually read.  The NBBC still has months where we drop the ball on planning but all in all it has well out-lived the book club.  Michelle, Janelle and Hyun-Ae stopped by to visit after their monthly meeting at a restaurant nearby.  They brought a tasty cupcake with them too!  Hyun-ae got a book of crochet stitches for me which I’m so excited to test out.  The plan was to play a board game or two but we chatty Cathys never really got to that part.  All in all it was a pretty good weekend for us.



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  1. YAY!

  2. YAY! so happy you finally got to see “him” . love ya! see ya soon! oh and Wednesday is no good for him either. I’m also not sharing 🙂

    • All of January is out of the question. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I cannot take another January birthday in the “family” …let alone winter.

  3. Hi! I’m an April 2011 mama too- due 4/22/11. I have been coming to your blog religiously…as a mom and a nurse, I’m so glad everything has been going well for you and it sounds like your in great hands!! Your U/S pic turned out great! I can see his sweet little face:)
    PS: I just love your lil monkey hats!! Wish I could crochet…but I’m left handed and can’t find anyone to teach me ” backwards” 😉

    Amanda (Landens_mom)

    • Thanks for keeping up with us! I’m glad you like the monkey hats! I’ve been crocheting for years…since age 7 thanks to my great grandma. I’m a lefty too and she was one patient right handed woman. Or maybe she needed something to occupy me. I learned to snow in the middle of a blizzard when she was babysitting us. Try watching youtube videos you may be able to teach yourself that way. Just make sure they are for lefties.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    I work at USAT with Shannon Green – she forwarded your blog to me. I am pregnant as well, and have been asking Shannon about how you are doing – I just wanted to say hello, and I think it’s awesome that it seems like you are keeping your chin way up! Anyway, howdy – and hang in there, from one bun to another … 🙂

    • Hi Kayte,

      I know you!!! Even though we have only met twice. 🙂 Congrats on your bun. Shannon mentioned you are pregnant. About two months to go, right? Tell the folks on your team “hi” for me. (And tell Garrett good luck and best wishes this weekend!)

  5. I love his little face. I can’t wait for our little one to develop a little more and look more like a person instead of a “blob” or a “gummy bear.” It’s so awesome! I’m glad that he has gained weight and that the fluid levels have gone up. Yay for mommy keeping him in the oven and for both of you loving him so much! I can’t wait to come and see you. Jayden’s birthday is this weekend, can you believe she’ll be 5? I haven’t heard of any festivities. If I can get away from grading papers maybe I’ll take a trip down to see yah!

    Love you! Keep the oven warm! : )

    • Oh that time will be here before you know it! I can’t wait to find out what you are having. I remember feeling like the time for us to find the gender for our little guy would never get here! Let me know if you want to pop by this weekend. I will e-mail you with the room deets. xoxo

  6. Lots of good news for you today. I’m so happy for you! xo

  7. I’ve been following your blog almost since Day 1 and I have to say I log on every day worried about you! I am pregnant (with a girl!) and due April 14th and just went into preterm labor last week, it was so scary. They got my contractions stopped and I’m fine now- but the whole time I was in that hospital you were on my mind.

    The best of luck to you through the remainder of your pregnancy and delivery!

    I had to comment mostly to say this, though- I too am a neurotic must-have-inside-the-closet-painted person! It never occurred to me NOT to paint inside the closet until afterwards, when everyone who sees expresses suprise that we “even painted in the closet!”

    It would have been a lot easier to NOT paint in there but it was sage green which looked awful with the very pale pink we had painted the nursery. Would have driven me nuts!

    OH and one final thought- I too crochet, and since I’ve been on restricted activity, a LOT! If you want a quick project that will give rapid gratification as well as being useful for yourself or anyone you gift it to- try going to Lion Brand Yarn’s website and pulling up the pattern for “Cottontail Dishcloths” (or is it “Dishtowels” I forget…) They turn out super pretty and if you use 100% cotton yarn, they are very absorbent and useful in the kitchen. You can scale down the pattern too to make matching potholders! Or make it bigger if, like me, you want a larger dish towel than the pattern produces.

    Good luck!


    • Very sweet of you to keep up with us. What is it with these kids wanting to come out so early? I’m happy to hear everything worked out well for you and baby girl. You got to go home it seems?

      See, our closet is white but I just like closets painted. We are putting in a new organization system anyhow so why not paint it. I’m all about the extra attention to detail. It makes a big difference!

      I’ll look for those dishcloths…or maybe I will just make my own pattern for them. 🙂

      I hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful and healthy!

      • Yes, I got to go home after about 6 hours. I was lucky- we caught the issue very very early and it’s been a week today with no more contractions so I’m breathing easier, less worry I’ll go back into labor!

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