Day 23: Hospital Towels

January 15, 2011 at 5:20 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 4 Comments
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I have come to realize that hospital towels are way too small.  They are the perfect size for my hair but that is about it.  Every morning I attempt to wrap one of these wash cloth (okay exaggeration) sized terry cloth pieces of fabric around my body and not once does it actually fit.  To make things more comical, my belly is only going to get bigger thus making the towels grow even smaller.    Considering that the nurses keep telling me how tiny I am, I can’t help but wonder how the other pregnant women on the floor are working with these towels.  I suppose they just aren’t meant to be wrapped around one’s body.  Yes, I have thought of bringing one from home but it is against the rules.  Since they are worried about me getting an infection my linens and towels have to be changed daily.  So that would be entirely too much work for the hubby.

I think I am becoming a crochet-aholic.  Yesterday I finished another hat.  After staring at the cute little brown hat I made I decided I needed something a little girlie in my life.  I made up a pattern of my own and made a very floral little girl hat.  I LOVE this darn thing and think I might just make an adult sized one for myself!  The hats like books lately don’t take up enough time so I have started working on a blanket for our baby boy.  I usually HATE making blankets because I’m a fan of instant gratification and they just take too long.  Considering the fact that I am going nowhere soon, a blanket is in order.  Chances are good that you won’t see the results from that project for a while.  Chances are also good that I will get tired of working on the same thing and move on to yet another hat before I finish the blanket.

Flowery Little Girl Hat

Last night Nikki and Jon came up to visit and in hand they brought cheesesteaks!  Kayvan had mentioned that he saw one in the cafeteria the day before and at that moment I HAD to have one.  So Nikki took care of a sista!  She also brought a bag of birthday presents with her!  More hemp hand cream from the Body Shop and something I haven’t tried before–hemp body wash.  I’ll smell like hemp but at least my skin will be silky smooth.  She also gave me a HUGE bag of Haribo gummy bears!  My favorite.

This morning’s non-stress test went well.  Baby boy got hiccups about half way through.  It’s always really cute when I can feel them.  Being able to hear and feel them made me feel slightly bad that the little guy was uncomfortable.  They say that babies aren’t phased by them and that hiccups are really important in fetal development.  So hiccup away little guy!



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  1. You did a good job on both the hats, they are so cute! I know what you mean about the towels. It must be like that in all hospitals, because the mine were tiny after I gave birth too.

    • Thanks! I actually made the flower hat with Sophia in mind. I’ll give it to you when I see you today.

  2. Id like a girlie hat. :o)

    • You just got one?! And it takes longer to make a hat for your head than a baby head.

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