Day 20: Happy Birthday to ME!

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I haven’t looked this up yet but I don’t think I have ever woken up to any amount of snow on my birthday.  I have never wanted to either.  This year is obviously different and I hope Mother Nature knows I would have appreciated more.  From what I hear, there is no snow on the roads but the rooftops I can see from my window seem to have gotten a bit.  So, Mother Nature, if this is your birthday present to me I guess I say thank you.

Yesterday Kayvan went to then dentist and then to work for the rest of the day.  Our friend Michelle came up and brought lunch which was very sweet and very yummy.  She also brought us a few items for the nursery.  I picked the bed set out and registered for it online and hadn’t seen it in person yet.  I LOVE it!!  Kayvan is going to go color match the bedding and paint soon.  Maybe this weekend.  I ordered boring hospital food for dinner but Kayvan brought a decaf soy chai latte back with him from Wegmans and MAN was that thing good.

I slept like crap last night, that is becoming the norm so I guess I’ll just get used to that.  The residents didn’t bug me at 6:30 this morning, thank goodness and I slept until about 8 so that was nice.  Kayvan says that other people on the floor have signs on the door that say “No interruption before 8 a.m.”  I plan on asking the nurse for the very same sign on my door STAT.  I am all for education and understand that it is important for them to round…but NOT at my expense at 6:30 in the morning.

Since today is my birthday I awoke to lots of text messages and emails.  A big thank you and hugs to everyone who has reached out to help make my day so special.  I was admittedly pretty lazy this morning and took my sweet time getting on with the day.  I ordered breakfast and was on the non-stress test by 10:00 and off by 10:30.  Pretty early since baby did well.  However, I got a lot of phone calls this morning and they put me a tad behind.  I talked to my cousin Crystal for quite a while before I got Kayvan with a hand on his hip insisting that I get in the shower and NOW.  Turns out he was trying to surprise me and had turned to other devices that didn’t work.  He text messaged my dad and asked that he call Crystal and tell her to get off of the phone with me.  Well, dad called Crystal but I don’t think he told her to get off of the phone with me–I was just on the other line and never got off.  Crystal even updated me as to why dad called her after she hung up with him.  I got in the shower an hour later than normal and came out to a room full of decorations and Heather’s smiling face.  She printed out pictures of the animals, our wedding and nights out with friends and decorated our room.  Goodies like a rice krispie treat castle and kettle corn came with her as well.  I love the new room decor!!  Sorry to have kept you waiting in the hallway so long Heather!!  I didn’t know you were out there but it was a nice surprise.

My New Room Decor


Kayvan’s co-workers sent over an awesome edible arrangement basket as well which is absolutely ginormous and delicious.  Thank you guys!  Kayvan came back from the cafeteria after buying his lunch and his eyeballs about popped out of his head when he saw the thing.  I asked Kayvan to take a picture but I guess he was just too eager to open the thing so the picture he took is horrible (yes sweetie, I’m throwing you under the bus again!)

I also received a very bright and pretty flower arrangement from Nikki, her momma and family.  They are absolutely beautiful, aren’t they?

Pretty Flowers from Rita, Nikki and Family

All in all it is a great birthday so far!  Can’t wait to see what the rest of the day has in store.



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  1. HAHAHA – love it! Happy Birthday!!!! I was talking to you on IM trying to get you into the shower too, but you were ignoring me. 😛 I think Heather thought I was sabotaging her plans. 🙂 But she did a fabulous job! Wish I really could have been in the lobby and been there to surprise you with Heather!

  2. Happy birthday!!

  3. happy birthday!

  4. I am a fellow WTE April momma and I just want to wish you a very happy birthday!! My birthday was also yesterday and you and your LO were in my thoughts yesterday :-). Keep up the great writing and positive attitude!!

  5. Happy Birthday! I found your page from your post on WTE April 2011. You are an amazing person and continue maintain that positive attitude! I am a pediatric nurse, and thank you so much for the shot out to the nurses a few days ago. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers everyday, I hope to continue to read your blog all the way through, we all want you to get there.

    Christina (WTE mom to be, due April 26)

  6. wish I lived closer :O( love ya! hope the rest of your day was awesome!

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