Day 19: 26 Weeks

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Yippee!  We made it another week!  Guess what I get for that.  A freaking Rhogam shot.  Ouch.  I had to have my first one at just about 12 weeks because of earlier complications and wasn’t expecting to have another until 28 weeks–my next milestone.  BUT this morning the doctor waltzed in to tell me she has some news for me.  As I always do, I responded with “good news, right?”  To which she said she has “neutral” news and dropped that bomb on me.  That is NOT neutral news.  I had to harass her about it, of course.  That shot HURTS.  I wasn’t expecting the pain the first time I was given the shot.  The nurse who administered the shot was kind enough to tell me that the shot is painful about 5 seconds prior to jabbing her needle into my flesh.  Mind you, needles don’t bother me, I have no problem with your ordinary shot.  Blood draws don’t hurt one bit but this shot, as I think I covered already…SUCKS.  Oh the joys of being Rh-.  I grumble, but of course I know it is for the best.

As I said, I was expecting this shot at 28 weeks so I asked the Doctor why so early.  It turns out that they usually don’t let folks like me go to term.  So much for my ultimate goal of 40 weeks!  She says that they typically induce around 34 to 36 weeks due to the risk of infection.  And there goes my next milestone of 37 weeks!  So let’s make an edit to my milestones shall we?  First, I want to make it another two weeks to 28.  Once that happens the new milestone will be set for 36 weeks…who knows, maybe I can talk them into letting me go to 37.  Let’s call it good behavior.

Yesterday was rather uneventful which means it went well. Quite frankly, I can’t remember what I did during the middle of the day.  I think I took a 15 minute nap at one point which means the prednisone is working it’s way out of my system.  I even fell asleep on my own last night.  We tried to order carryout from Sweetwater for dinner but get this, they don’t DO carryout.  So Kayvan ran to Tippy’s Tacos instead.  I was SO excited when he said there is one nearby.  Kim also popped by after work so we grabbed a few tacos for her.  We eat dinner in front of the poor girl every time she is here.  With her, she brought along a birthday card signed by all of the co-workers in my old department.  Very unexpected and very sweet.  One of my co-workers, Greg and his signature “Have a nice life!”  never ceases to make me laugh.  He pens that on EVERY group card, birthday, farewell, get well soon, etc. and I think it is absolutely hysterical.  Kim also brought me some more magazines.  I think she has me set with every magazine for the entire month of December now…well with the exception of maybe Country Living.  (Kim, do NOT bring me Country Living LOL.)

I also got a note from our very own little Sookie last night.  It seems she is adjusting to life with our friends and their babies very well.  I miss my girl.  Here is her note:

Dear Mama,

I hope that you and Daddy and Baby are doing great!  Aunt Stacey and Uncle Phil are trying to take very good care of me.  On Saturday they took me to get my nails clipped.  I wanted to get them painted too but they said no.  On Thursday, a boy dog named Chunk came to live with us.  He is just as lazy as I am.  We both like to sleep in the sun all day and sometimes we play together outside.  We all sleep together in one big bed and Uncle Phil and Aunt Stacey never know who is snoring since Chunk and I snore equally loudly.

This weekend I didnt get to eat as much cheerios as I would have liked, but I did find something I like maybe as much – Wooden Alphabet Puzzles!!  I found the P and the Z to be extra delicious.

The Girl and Boy Dogs, Lucy and Isaac seem to like me a lot.  They always pet me (gently) and kiss me good night at night.  Uncle Phil and Aunt Stacey say I am extra specially good with the kids. They are very happy.  They also seem very entertained by the fact that I sleep with my tongue hanging out of my mouth.

I’ve been a really really good girl Mama.  I think you’d be really proud of me.

I miss you.


This morning’s non-stress test went well.  Looks like we are still plugging along!  Kayvan had a dentist appointment and left me for the morning a bit before 9:00.  I’m jealous.  I had an appointment as well but had to cancel for obvious reasons.  I want my teeth cleaned!! Kayvan is also going to stop by the office for a while and then our house to hang out with the cat and grab the mail.  Who knows how much of that will actually happen since we are supposed to get hit with a few inches of snow at some point today.  It will give me something new to stare at outside of my window so I hope Mother Nature doesn’t disappoint.



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  1. Booo to the nasty shot. Glad you’re getting some rest though! Love the letter from Sookie! Such a sweetie dog. If Kim does bring you Country Living, I’ll take it off your hands… for research purposes of course. :-)It’ll be your birthday soon! Woot! Can’t wait to see you soon! Love ya babe!

  2. how sad is it that sookies letter made me cry? I AM A TRAIN WECK! sorry about the shot but be happy that we know things will be ready. Understand about the 36 weeks. Aiden was born at 36 weeks and look at him! glad your days are going well! love ya!

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