Day 19: 26 Weeks

January 11, 2011 at 4:43 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 2 Comments
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Yippee!  We made it another week!  Guess what I get for that.  A freaking Rhogam shot.  Ouch.  I had to have my first one at just about 12 weeks because of earlier complications and wasn’t expecting to have another until 28 weeks–my next milestone.  BUT this morning the doctor waltzed in to tell me she has some news for me.  As I always do, I responded with “good news, right?”  To which she said she has “neutral” news and dropped that bomb on me.  That is NOT neutral news.  I had to harass her about it, of course.  That shot HURTS.  I wasn’t expecting the pain the first time I was given the shot.  The nurse who administered the shot was kind enough to tell me that the shot is painful about 5 seconds prior to jabbing her needle into my flesh.  Mind you, needles don’t bother me, I have no problem with your ordinary shot.  Blood draws don’t hurt one bit but this shot, as I think I covered already…SUCKS.  Oh the joys of being Rh-.  I Continue Reading Day 19: 26 Weeks…


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