Day 18: Losing Track

January 10, 2011 at 6:10 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 9 Comments
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I have started losing track of the days.  I find myself asking, “today is [insert day of the week], right?”  I ask that question more than once a day sometimes.  Weekends are more obvious because the doctors and nurses seem to be a bit…off.  They don’t have your standard Monday through Friday 9-5 work week but you can just tell that the fact it is a weekend changes their mental state.  They are a little more chipper, a little more laid back, still doing a good job but hey, they let you sleep in and things like that.  Today is Monday, I know that.  Kayvan woke up, rolled over on his little cot pulled out his laptop and officially started back at work this morning.  It was all a little odd, really.  I think this is the closest we are going to be to getting back to reality for a while.  We are in our own little bubble here.

I’m used to routine.  We kind of have one here in the hospital but it isn’t your typical wake up, get ready for work, sit in rush hour traffic on the way to work, do important stuff while you are there, sit in rush hour traffic on the the way home from work, eat dinner, veg out on the couch in front of the TV with the puppy and kitty while Kayvan plays his dorky video game then go to bed and do it all over again the next day type of routine.  Of course, weekends are more diverse at home.  Here, it is the same exact thing every single day.  The only real difference is the nurse on duty and how she manages her work flow…my schedule.  The days really do go by quickly.  They blend together, but they go by quickly.  I am pointing all of this out because I have found that each day I start to blog, I start with the title “Day __:”.  Lately, I have to refer to the previous day’s entry to get the current day right.  I guess it is just a sign, a good one that we are here for the long haul.  I considered dropping the “Day __:” part of the title but this blog is really the only way I have been able to keep track.

Yesterday was a pretty good one.  Terri, a friend since age 5 stopped by with strawberry shortcakes in hand.  I say stopped by but she lives “back home” which is about an hour and a half away.  I devoured two of the strawberry shortcakes immediately and gave her the hat I made for her the previous day.  We sat and talked for a bit then she and I both convinced Kayvan to go to the doctor.  He has an awful cough that started as a cold over a month ago and he just hasn’t been able to kick.  Millie also stopped by with “Something Blue”  the sequel to the book I finished in two days last week.  We three girls chatted for a while before Terri had to head home to feed her kid.  Millie hung out a little longer before leaving to get an awesome deal on the brand new couch she has been holding off buying. I’m hoping that the new cough medicine Kayvan got from the doctor will actually work.  I think it is, because I didn’t hear a peep from him last night.  We shall see.

Kayvan ended up playing his computer game for a while last night so I decided to pick up “Something Blue”…and finished it in one sitting.  I’m only on book 2 of 3 in the series but so far, I highly recommend it if you are looking for a quick, entertaining read.

This morning I sat on the non-stress test a little longer than I wanted to.  I shared my time between putzing on my iPhone (something I should have added to my favorite things post) and sort of mindlessly staring at the walls.  I didn’t feel like doing anything really.  As soon as they unstrapped me from the monitors Kayvan asked if I was ready to order lunch.  I protested that it is only noon and I JUST finished breakfast, technically at 10:00.  I now realize that it is almost 1:00 and only feels like he asked that question ten minutes ago.  He just made the comment that today is dragging on.  It’s flying by for me.  Maybe it is because it is Monday after all and he went back to work today.



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  1. yeah I went right home to “feed the kid” he was of course starving! My poor child! My husband of course was a fixture on my couch and the dishes I left were still in the sink.. maybe next visit I will take him to grandmas! lol and I will leave earlier! I left my house at 12 and got home at almost 6 and it felt like my visit was like 20 mins long! maybe your hosptial room has a time warp? love you and see you soon!

    • That’s it! Maybe there is a time warp in here. Or maybe I’m just THAT entertaining.

      Kids are allowed on this floor if you wanted to bring him up. But I worry that 1) a hospital visit might scare him a bit 2) he will drive you insane the entire time you are here because for a kid it is BOR-ING and 3) he will force me to share the baby’s name.

      • I dont think it would scare him. maybe worry him for your sake.. he has his DS now.. I no longer matter and yes he is VERY concered that you arent sharing the name. but my concern and reason for no Aiden is germs. he is 4 and in school. I NEVER know when something will pop up!

  2. Wow! You finished the book. And I’m sorry to disappoint… there are only two books in the series. 😦 What did you think of it though?

    • Wait, what? What is the preview at the end then? Seemed like something from Claire’s Perspective. Damn publishers. Yes, I finished it! 🙂 Maybe I do read quickly, just not a speed reader like you.

      I liked it! The first one was better, but they always are. Very “everything happens for a reason.”

  3. oh and please keep the “day ..” its how I keep track of where I left off 🙂

  4. Baby Proof is the next book in the series from what I understand. I havent read them yet but I have them dwonloaded on my Kindle. You mentioned you have an iPhone…I recommend downloading the Kindle App. Its free (the books arent) but since you are stuck in the hospital you can buy books, have them instantly available, and read them like theres no tomorrow. Its actually pretty comfortable to read (I recommend changed the background to black with white text) and its sooo nice to have. If you end up downloading it let me know how you like it!

    • That’s it! I just had my hubby hand me the book to check.

      Good suggestion, I’ll try the Kindle app out. I’m pretty used to reading on the iPhone so I’m sure it will work just fine for me. I’ve moved onto “Water for Elephants” now and am only a few chapters in. I have a ton of actual books to make it through before I need anything else but I still like trying out new apps!

      • Well lets just hope you make it in there long enough to have time to read through all of your real books and move on to the Kindle!!

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