Day 18: Losing Track

January 10, 2011 at 6:10 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 9 Comments
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I have started losing track of the days.  I find myself asking, “today is [insert day of the week], right?”  I ask that question more than once a day sometimes.  Weekends are more obvious because the doctors and nurses seem to be a bit…off.  They don’t have your standard Monday through Friday 9-5 work week but you can just tell that the fact it is a weekend changes their mental state.  They are a little more chipper, a little more laid back, still doing a good job but hey, they let you sleep in and things like that.  Today is Monday, I know that.  Kayvan woke up, rolled over on his little cot pulled out his laptop and officially started back at work this morning.  It was all a little odd, really.  I think this is the closest we are going to be to getting back to reality for a while.  We are in our own little bubble here.

I’m used to routine.  We kind of have one here in the hospital but it isn’t your typical wake up, get ready for work, sit in rush hour traffic on the way to work, do important stuff while you are there, sit in rush hour traffic on the the way Continue Reading Day 18: Losing Track…


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