Days 16 & 17: I Made a Hat

January 9, 2011 at 5:08 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 11 Comments
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Yesterday I skipped a day of blogging and got a call or two from folks worried about where we are. We are right here and everyone is safe and sound! Don’t worry.

I haven’t been sleeping well thanks to the prednisone and ended up needing to take an ambien Friday night just to get some shut eye. As with the night before I didn’t want to take a darn sleeping pill so I didn’t ask for it until 2 a.m. Normally the doctors and nurses have me up around 7 at the latest. Well, Saturday morning I had a nurse who let me sleep until 10 a.m. I LOVE her. I think she shooed all of the doctors away too. Needless to say that got me a bit behind schedule for the day. Well, that and the fact that it took an hour and a half for breakfast to arrive.

I think Kayvan is starting to feel a bit more at ease too. He ran home to get a few things done around the house. Hung out with the cat, checked the mail, did

some laundry. You know…relaxing stuff. I had a few good hours all to myself uninterrupted (with the exception of vital checks) and it was NICE!

I decided to make my friend Terri the hat she had asked me for earlier in the winter. So after a few texts asking the size of her cranium, what color hat she wanted and making fun of her big head I found a cute photo for inspiration and got to work. I made up the pattern as I went. What do you think?

Hat for Terri

Momma-in-law and a friend of hers brought some chicken enchiladas for dinner and chili just so we have some non-hospital food in the fridge. I love it when she cooks. She also made some really yummy salsa that didn’t make it beyond the night and brought fruit to make sure we are eating healthy. She of course wouldn’t leave until Kayvan got back. Partly because she wanted to see him but I think mostly because she doesn’t want me to be left alone.

The non-stress tests have gone well enough the past few days and today is chugging right along. We are expecting a few visitors and anticipate that time will fly by.

Kayvan starts back to work tomorrow and will be working primarily from this hospital room thanks to his awesome boss. I think I might be able to make him go into the office here and there but I understand that he is going to need to ease into it. He hates the feeling that something will happen with the baby while he is away and work is 30 minutes from the hospital, more depending on time of day and rush hour traffic.



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  1. Hi! I’m from the April 2011 Mom’s group on WTE forum & just wanted to stop in & say that I just went through & read all of your posts- besides you being an amazingly entertaining blogger, you are a huge inspiration! So upbeat & confident in everything you have acheived so far! My husband & I are keeping you in our thoughs & prayers, but you have instilled the confidence in us that you, your hubby & little guy will pull through just fine!! 🙂 Good luck to you

    • That is so sweet, all of it! Thank you!

  2. Kayvan’s mom is making me hungry!!! I haven’t been able to eat all weekend and reading your blogs makes the baby want food. Too bad my stomach doesn’t get along with the baby requests; I’ve lost 6 pounds in two weeks :/

    Love yah!

    • Sorry baby is being so rough on you. I know this sounds insane coming from me of all people considering my current state…but it does get better. And until then, just pretend those saltines are Kayvan’s momma’s stuffed poblano peppers — my favorite(which even I can’t eat now because I can no longer do spicy food)!

      You want those ginger mints you hated the last time you came to visit? I swear they are the reason I never vomited.

  3. Hi. I’m from the WTE board and my water broke the same day as yours. I don’t post on the board but read it all the time. I am pregnant with twin boys and I am 26 weeks and 3 days. Only twin As water broke. I read your blog every day and I am so glad we are both stable and literally just lying around. I was absolutely terrified and crushed the first few days but I feel better every day. I am comforted by the fact that I’m not alone in this. Take care. Katie

    • You aren’t alone! Everything will be OK! I have a friend from elementary school who was pregnant with twin boys, her water broke at 25 weeks and she made it to 30 weeks 2 days. Her boys spent a little time in the NICU but now they are home safe and sound. Sorry to hear I am not the only one who was stuck on bed rest over Christmas. I’m glad you and your babies are doing well. Hang in there and keep those babies in!!

  4. The hat is really cute! Glad you took the sleeping pill and that’s awesome that your nurse let you sleep. 🙂 Hope you are able to rest better soon!

    • Thanks! I guess as you can see in the comment below she liked it, but now I owe her a flower, haha.

  5. yay look at this girls skillz! my hat is awesome and I love ya! now.. I need a flower to go with it.. how about a scarf? I am just providing you with task within your day! love ya! and see you soon!

    • It will be another year for the flower…and the scarf. I finished that hat in a DAY. I’m done crocheting for a while. Wait, I’ll have a kid soon and will never have time to crochet ever again. It may be more than a year. 😛 Thanks for coming by yesterday, and for the goodies.

  6. Jamie. you have PLENTY of time right now. your so good at it and quick. Why must I beg of you?

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