Day 15: Figuring Out Plan B

January 7, 2011 at 5:01 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 3 Comments
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I am a total planner.  I get started on things WAY too early sometimes–finish them early too.  Typically because I’m excited, also because once I start a project I don’t like to take breaks.  I will get into moods and just organize around the house, sit in one room until 2 a.m. and I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.  Kayvan did a decent job of breaking that habit, pregnancy exhaustion helped too. This whole hospital stay has thrown a thousand wrenches in my “plan.”  Heck, maybe the whole point is to show me that you can’t plan everything in life.  Well, lesson learned.  I’m not complaining, but find myself sitting here trying to figure out how to adapt.

I think I mentioned that we have purchased two things for this little guy–TWO.  A crib with no mattress and a Paul Frank onsie.  THAT is it.  We have started turning our old office into the nursery and reorganizing our guest bedroom.  The plan was to finish that up and start painting over the extra few days Kayvan and I took off over New Years.  Things didn’t go according to plan–obviously.  The baby shower was supposed to happen the first week in February and now that I will be in here I have convinced the girls planning the shower that once baby is born we will have time while he is in the NICU to have the shower.  Then Kayvan and I will go buy the rest of the stuff we need before he comes home.  I convinced them of this and thought I convinced myself but had to get off of my registry last night because I was driving myself insane making new plans.  New lists.  Figuring out what we HAVE to have and now.  The nurses told me that prednisone could make me anxious and I think that might be what is happening.  I’m still here, happy, smiling, upbeat and chipper.  Not complaining at all, just figuring out plan B.  I hate it when plan A fails.  I think plan B is already devised.  I just need to listen to myself, stick to my guns, not buy a darn thing, wait until this little guy is born and take the time he is expected to be in the NICU to prepare.  There are so many unknowns that that go into this.  How long will we really, truly be here with me still pregnant.  Can we make it to 36 weeks?  If so, we probably won’t have that time in the NICU (which would be amazing).  I guess we can figure out a plan C if we make it that far.  It will all work out but in the meantime we just have to sit and wait.

Last night my co-worker Kim stopped by. She brought us some yummy tea and even more yummy rice krispie treats.  She even brought some “Louise candy” and broke the rule of threes.  Yummy!  Kayvan teases me now–he says I’m popular.  That’s not it.  He and I are just really good at making great, true friends.

The holiday television hiatus is FINALLY over and I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” last night.  I am so happy to have new episodes back.  Grey’s …did not disappoint.  I loved the end when evil peds Dr. Stark just said “I hate this place.” and walked out.  Man I miss my DVR.

The rash seems to be gone so they are lowering my dose of prednisone today.  One huge downs side to prednisone is that I cannot for the life of me get to sleep.  I toughed it out the night before and benadryl at 4 a.m. helped a bit but last night was worse.  I’m guessing that’s because it was day three and there is more of it in my system.  I am actually really happy to be taking a smaller dose today.  Hopefully my efforts to get to sleep will be better tonight.  I have been warned that the rash could start to come back since I am on such a short course.  I won’t be completely off of  the prednisone for at least another 5 days.  Hopefully at that point my immune system will have been calmed enough for Benadryl or the steroid cream to do the trick.

My Doctor has been out of the hospital for about a week working out of her actual office instead of on call at the hospital.  Man she was chipper when she came back this morning!  I actually had no idea who it would be once I heard her voice and was quite surprised it was her when she rounded the corner.  She is quite happy that we are still here and like I tell everyone daily, so are we.  This morning’s non-stress test went well.  The second those monitors hit my belly baby boy started twirling and kicking at them.  I guess the echo wakes him up because he is back to being quiet and has stopped kicking me now that they are off.



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  1. I’m glad everything is looking great! Do you have to stay in the hospital until he is born?

    • Thanks! Yep, we will be here until he is born.

  2. Hi
    Try not to worry, don’t plan anything right now, that’s what keepping you up at night. Things will just unfold on its own. I think the essentials are: a crib, blankets, baby gowns, and last but not least, diapers. The rest can come later on. Me and Shahnax will be glad to go baby shopping for you. You just relax.
    Happy to see you’re doing good.

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