Day 14: We Made it Two Weeks in the Hospital!

January 6, 2011 at 4:50 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 4 Comments
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Looks like we are plugging right along. I talked to one of the residents this morning who congratulated us on making it two weeks.  She says that most people in our shoes don’t make it much past one up here.  That was really encouraging to hear, so YAY for two weeks!!!  Guess I am keeping with my overachieving ways after all.  I also asked her if I can take a wheelchair ride to the NICU when Kayvan goes for a tour this week and if I can participate in the weekly social hours here–which are basically classes.  I can’t yet.  Boo.  I have to make it to 28 weeks first.  Another reason my next milestone can’t get here fast enough!

I think the prednisone is keeping me up at night because falling asleep was such a chore last night.  I finished my book, stared at the walls wide-eyed for a bit and then turned the lights off and could not fall asleep.  When I finally did fall asleep for 15 minutes the nurse came and woke me for my midnight vital check and couldn’t get back to sleep again.  I was a little itchy too so I asked for some Benadryl and was so thankful for the drowsiness it causes (for once).  This morning I had my 4 a.m. vital check then a 6 a.m. wake up call for a blood draw which I ended up not getting (thankfully) because the order was for the woman in the room nextdoor.  At 7 the residents and doctors started rounding, the nurses had their shift change and housekeeping decided to knock on my door three times and not come in.  I didn’t sleep last night and desperately wanted not to be bothered.  Despite my utter grumpiness I did not hurt anyone.  Just hoping for a nap today.

I mentioned in a previous blog that our sweet pup Sookie went to stay with our friends, their twins and their dog Chunk.  I got a note from “Sookie” this morning that gave me a good laugh and thought I would share.  Sook is adjusting well, though she has had an accident in their house (bad girl).  I suppose the adjustment is a little confusing for her.  I just hope she wants to come home at the end of this.  With so many new playmates (and extra treats) I’m not so sure she will.

Dear Mama,

I hope that you and daddy and the baby are doing well and that baby boy K is still safely snug and warm in your tummy.  Things are fine at Aunt Stacey and Uncle Phil’s house.  Uncle Phil cuddles me a lot and I get to sleep in between them in bed.  Yesterday I found out that these two big dogs they have, the one named Lucy and the one named Isaac sometimes drop things on the floor.  Yesterday morning I found something called Kix.  I really liked Kix.  Aunt Stacey tried to clean up all of the Kix before I could eat them, but I was too fast.  This morning I found something I liked even better – something called Cheerios.  Dog Lucy had a bowl she carried with her that had a little top, but I learned quickly that sometimes they dropped out of her hand so if I followed her around the house, sometimes I would get a little treat.

I think Aunt Stacey and Uncle Phil learned when to let me out of the house so I decided to poop in their yard this morning instead of in the playroom.  They seemed happy about that.  Also, Aunt Stacey keeps calling me a “him.”  Cant she see from my girlish figure that I am clearly a girl?  Luckily Uncle Phil corrects her over and over and over again.

Today they tell me that another dog named Chunk is coming to the house.  I hope he doesn’t mind that I am sleeping in between his mommy and daddy.  I will fight him for it.

I love you and miss you mommy and daddy!




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  1. You’ll make that week 28 mile stone soon!!! Patience my child… as my momma would say. And what a sweet letter from Sookie… I wonder what she’d tell you about me. 🙂 How she farted that smelled like no other? Hehehe. Get some rest today and I’ll bring you the sequel to the book this weekend!

    • Patience? I think I know what that word means. 🙂

  2. Hi there Jamie! Wanted to check in on you and say hello! I hope you can feel all of the good vibes and good wishes we are sending you from the Gannett/USA TODAY headquarters!
    I just ran into Johnny Johnson today and he said, Hey, you stole Jamie from me…”
    I laughed and said, yep and you aint gettin her back! 🙂

    I am so glad that you are hanging in there and surpassed 25 weeks on Monday. You are so close to 26 weeks…keep holding on! You are a trooper. It sounds like you are surrounded by a lot of wonderful people too! That is so important!
    Just wanted to say hi and let you know we’re thinking of you!

    • Hi Maureen! I so appreciate all of the warm wishes and you checking in on us! I just sent you an e-mail too so I don’t want to be too redundant here.

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