Day 14: We Made it Two Weeks in the Hospital!

January 6, 2011 at 4:50 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 4 Comments
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Looks like we are plugging right along. I talked to one of the residents this morning who congratulated us on making it two weeks.  She says that most people in our shoes don’t make it much past one up here.  That was really encouraging to hear, so YAY for two weeks!!!  Guess I am keeping with my overachieving ways after all.  I also asked her if I can take a wheelchair ride to the NICU when Kayvan goes for a tour this week and if I can participate in the weekly social hours here–which are basically classes.  I can’t yet.  Boo.  I have to make it to 28 weeks first.  Another reason my next milestone can’t get here fast enough!

I think the prednisone is keeping me up at night because falling asleep was such a chore last night.  I finished my book, stared at the walls wide-eyed for a bit and then turned the lights off and could not fall Continue Reading Day 14: We Made it Two Weeks in the Hospital!…


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