Day 13: Nurses Rock

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Nurses rock.  They really do.  These people are here to help you in some of your worst moments and in my experience are always kind as they do.  Now, I’m pretty nice to my nurses–or so I think.  But some of the nurses have mentioned that not everyone so pleasant to them and that really throws me for a loop.  I mean, these ladies are here to take care of you and your unborn child.  They check in on you every few hours and if no vitals or medication is scheduled they pop in to see if you want water, or juice, or a Popsicle.  Oh and you can’t get out of bed because you are on BED REST!  My husband is here with me and I know that isn’t the case with every woman on this floor so why on earth would you be even slightly mean to the only person who is taking care of you?!  The nurses are the ones who chase your ever so busy doctor around when you have a rash, for example, and make sure thye fix the problem or find someone who will.  Just so you feel better.  They bring you your meds on time, and pretty much have a do what it takes attitude to make you feel better.  At least, that is the case on this floor and in labor and delivery.  I was in some awful shoes in labor and delivery.  I felt horrible, had no sleep at night, machines going off every hour, blood draws every four among a billion doctor visits and the nurses did everything they could to make me feel better, heck they even painlessly drew blood with me 3/4 of the way asleep.  That is skill.  I woke one morning to a nurse sitting on the floor with Kayvan talking to him as he wrapped his mother’s Christmas present.  They don’t have to do things like that.  They have families of their own at home that they leave to come and take care of YOU.  They are away from their families for 12 hours at a time to do this.  So in short, be nice to your nurses people!!

As for baby, he is doing really well.  The non-stress test went well this morning.  I woke up today and after my second dose of prednisone the rash is SO much better.  I still itch a bit and it is still covering most of my body but it has really faded.  I can’t tell you how thankful this hospital stay has made me for modern medicine.

Kayvan got up first thing this morning and brought Chick-fil-a in for breakfast.  Aimee and I were talking yesterday about how much the first trimester turned Chicken absolutely repulsive for us.  I told her a story about how I completely made Kayvan take me out of our way one morning for Chick-fil-a, how I looked at my chicken biscuit, gagged and refused to eat it.  (He didn’t kill me for that.)  Regardless, I’m not in my first trimester anymore and am back to eating chicken and all that talk made me want a darn chicken biscuit.  So that is what he woke up bright and early to get me!  Best hubby ever!  Too bad they don’t allow caffeine up here because I could have downed a sweet tea.

Yesterday was probably the quietest day we have had so far.  Now that the holidays are over, everyone seems to have returned to their regularly scheduled program–work.  Kayvan and I hung out for a bit, I got a few phone calls, we watched a couple episodes of “The Wire” and I finally got a start reading all of the books folks have brought me the past two weeks.  Last night I made it half way through “Something Borrowed” by Emily Giffin, one of the many books Millie brought for me on the first day.  She said that I had to read it first.  I totally see why.  It’s a good read and a total Chick Lit.  My brother Jeremy and his fiancee Kelly came by to have dinner with us.  Kelly made her homemade minestrone soup and it was quite yummy!  Jeremy likes to tease and said it is one of two things she can cook.  But I’m the girl in our house who doesn’t cook.  It isn’t that we can’t.  We just don’t for one reason or another.  Right Kelly?!  🙂



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  1. Yay! YOu started reading Something Borrowed! You’ll have to tell me what you think of it. 🙂 Quiet days are good – though I miss visiting you and eating your gummy bears. Hope to see you this weekend! And I know you like chicken now… you scarfed down the chicken adobo! LOL!

    • Started AND finished but I’m a little behind responding to comments so you already know that. Oh–gummy bears are gone now too. Down to Now and Laters and Werther’s candy.

  2. You totally made me cry with your rant about nurses (although that might just be my hormones talking). Being a nurse myself I really try to make things better for my patients (trust me, I really do understand that it SUCKS to be in hospital). Anyway, just wanted to say that! I’m so glad to read that you and that little guy of yours are doing so well (and so sorry about the rash…how aweful on top of everything else!). I’ve been checking in on your progress frequently and hope to have to do so the whole way to April (or at least close!).

    What-to-Expect April Mommy 🙂

    • Well I meant what I said. I don’t get mean people in life in general I guess–just me. thanks for keeping up with us!

  3. Im glad to hear that everything is well!!

  4. Love the “Nurses Rock” post! It is patients like you that make doing our job worthwhile. Not everyone processes the stress you are facing like you do, and they take it out on their nurses. Most of the time, I try not to take it personal, but being a NICU nurse, sometimes we take care of the same baby for months on end, which also means we take care of the family too…and it can be a LONG 2-3 months, when they are abusive to nursing staff. Since I had my own 2 children in the NICU for 2 and 4 months, respectively, I can understand how hard it is for parents. Thanks for the nice post, and i’m glad all is still well with you and your little one! 🙂

    • We haven’t met the NICU nurses yet and hope it is a long while before we do (aside from a quick tour in a few weeks). I hope I’m able to be as patient and kind when I am the mom and not just the patient. I plan to! I’ve been doing a bit of reading up on life in the NICU and am astonished at how some of the parents talk about NICU nurses. I mean, I know that is your brand new baby and the situation is hard but really, your nurses aren’t the ones to blame, they are just there to help. Keep doing all of the good things you do for those babies and hopefully yours stay OUT of the NICU this time!

  5. So glad your rash is going away and the itching is manageable! I was getting so itchy just reading your posts, I can’t imagine actually having a full body rash!

    On a completely unrelated note, did you know Martha Stewart has two Frenchies? And she loves to dress them in costumes too! 😉

    Glad you’re doing well! I was hoping to come visit Friday after work, but I’ll contact you in the morning (post-stress tests) to make sure it’s ok. 🙂

    • When I woke up that second day, Kayvan just said “I wish I had the rash, I hate watching this.” To which I responded. “Wanna see if it is contagious?!”

      Oh yes, totes knew about Martha’s Frenchies. Like potato chips. You can’t have just one!

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