Day 12: 25 WEEKS!

January 4, 2011 at 4:51 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 6 Comments

Yay!  We have hit another milestone.  I am 25 weeks pregnant today and very happy about that fact.  The nurse is checking in with the doctor to see if I am supposed to have an ultrasound today.  I was told every Tuesday but for some reason there is no order for one.  If we do end up in the ultrasound room it will just be to measure the amniotic fluid.  No cute pictures of his face or anything.

I got a new piece of hospital jewelry last night after the dermatologist visited.  My “No Known Allergies” band was traded in for an “ALLERGY ALERT” band.  So what is this rash?  The dermatologist took one look at me and said, “You have hives and the way it’s spreading it’s something in your blood.”  No way to know for sure which medication it is since I was pumped full of a few different types but she is putting her money on me being allergic to ampicillin/penicillin.    I was pumped full of that stuff via IV for 7 days so it is no wonder this stuff is covering 80% of my body and spreading.  I guess I’m one of those people who doesn’t have an immediate reaction.  I didn’t start breaking out until two days after they took me off of the antibiotic.  The dermatologist says that is fairly common.  She gave me a steroid cream that works a tad better than 1% hydra-cortisone and upped my Benadryl dosage from every 8 hours to every 6.  I was also given a prescription for prednisone.  I opted not to take the prenisone until I could talk to my doctor this morning since I know nothing about the drug let alone it’s use during pregnancy.  Everyone thought I was nuts but I would rather be safe than sorry.  Doc says prednisone does not cross the placenta so baby is safe and that combined with what Mr. Google tells me was good enough for me.  All of the med changes help a ton.  I still itch but it isn’t as awful as it was yesterday. The dermatologist also ordered a few more blood tests to make sure I don’t have an infection that is presenting itself in a strange way so I get another needle prick today but I think I can live through that.

The little guy was a bit of a pain on the non-stress test this morning.  I was stuck on monitors for an hour as he swam around playing hide and seek with the nurses.  All in all, we got the doctors what we needed and I should be 25 weeks 1 day pregnant tomorrow.



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  1. Hey, there. I’m a fellow April mom from the WTE board and I just wanted to let you know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like your spirits are high an the medical staff is taking good care of you – keep it up, girl!

  2. YAY for 25 weeks! So exciting!!! I’m glad you’re doing a bit better with the rash and they are giving you more medicine. Poor Jamie. You’re such a trooper!

  3. Hi there. I’m also a fellow April 2011 mom from WTE and wanted to congratulate you on 25 weeks! I’ve been following your blog since you posted on WTE and am so inspired by your positivity and outlook. May God bless you and this little one. 🙂

  4. Hang in there! I am also a fellow April 2011 mom from WTE… I try to check in on your blog every couple of days, keep being positive.. it will help you get through this and the days will fly by!…thinking good thoughts for you!

  5. Yea to 25 weeks!!! I’m from the April 2011 wte board too. I keep checking your status. Stay strong!

  6. I am also an April WTE mommy, AvahKsMommy. I check your blog every day and wish you nothing but the best. Your attitude is amazing!

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