Day 11: I Didn’t Think it was Possible to Itch So Much

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I gave fair warning yesterday that this stinking rash is going to make me whiny.  I woke up today and the darn thing had spread.  One doctor thought it was that I’m allergic to my nightgown.  MY CLOTHES–well I have news for him.  I’m not. I am allergic to fabric softener and know I don’t use that at home so chances are better that I would be allergic to the fabric softener in the hospital sheets which they change daily.  But that’s not the case either because I’ve NEVER had a rash this bad–EVER. I’m wearing this stinking hospital gown again to rule my clothes out and the rash is all over my arms, legs face and ears.  Yes, I said EARS and that might be the most itchy spot.  I don’t remember much from when I had chicken pox as a kid other than how bad they made me itch.  I now understand the reasoning that it is worse to get when you are an adult.  Because as an adult you are a bigger baby about the whole thing.  WAHHH!  I was woken at 6 a.m. (in addition to my standard 12 a.m., 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. checks) for a blood draw.  I haven’t heard back about the results of the blood test yet but the nurse said it was taking forever this morning.  I have to say.  The lady who came in to draw my blood was darn good with a needle.  I’ve probably had my blood drawn more than 20 times in the past 11 days and it doesn’t bug me too much but this was not painful AT ALL and you can’t even tell where she stuck me.  When those results come back we will be able to say for sure that it isn’t a certain type of pregnancy rash that affect’s the gall bladder. No clue what it’s called.  My doctor is back in the office after the holidays and when she saw my rash she seemed quite shocked and stumped.  My guess is she wasn’t very happy with the resident who tried to convince me that it is a skin allergy either.  I will also be getting a visit from a hospital dermatologist tonight.  They can’t get here fast enough!!!  I need to know what this thing is and how to make it better FAST because 1% hydracortisone doesn’t do a darn thing and benadryl helps but only for four hours and I can only take it every eight hours.

Kayvan left me by myself and I mean completely by myself for the first time in 11 days.  I don’t know, I think he is starting to believe me when I say I will be okay while he runs errands.  He went home, packed the pup and her stuff up and met with Phil and Stacey who have so kindly agreed to take care of her while we are stuck in here.  I’m miss my girl so much but it makes this whole stay easier just knowing she is in good hands.  Phil and Stacey have a Pug named Chunk who Sookie has met and just loves.  She also has 2 year old twins who can train Sookie for the babyhood she will soon experience.  I worry that those little rascals will feed her people food but hey, she’s a bulldozer bulldog.  She eats EVERYTHING, whether you give it to her or not.  Phil and Stacey are kind of awesome too so I guess I shouldn’t leave them out of this (since they are the ones in the family who can actually read).

Kate stopped by with her delicious homemade nachos, some books for Kayvan and I and a few television series for us to watch.  Millie followed soon after with Pad Thai from my favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Luang.  Kayvan is back now too and hopefully on the road to getting rid of this horrid cough he has had for almost a month.  He’s been to the doctor but the cough just won’t quit.  I know he is sick of it because he brought the Netti Pot back with him.  I’m the only one in the house who actually LOVES that thing.  I think he is coming to terms with it though because he just asked “You should only use it twice a day?”

The non-stress test went well again this morning and baby is doing really well.  It is looking like I will be here for a long long time.  We will officially be 25 weeks tomorrow and if a day is a blessing a week is a huge milestone.  My next big milestone is 28 weeks for a number of reasons.  One being baby’s development but also because that is the point in which the doctors can perform a lower transverse c-section as opposed the classical c-section they would have to do to delver him now.  I’ll do what it takes but the classical c-section carries lot’s of risk for subsequent pregnancies should we decide to have another kid.

Yesterday we saw momma-in-law, my dad and  Kayvan’s former boss Lanchi.  Daddy-o brought nachos and cheese and dinner for us and Lanchi was so sweet to bring by some new nightgowns for me.  Thank you guys!!


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  1. So sorry to hear about your rash. That sounds awful! I hope your bloodwork looks good. You certainly are the nacho queen these days–I’m jealous!!! Hope you itching goes away really soon.

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