Day 9: Happy New Year!!!

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Kayvan and I have noticed that the days we are in here really do fly by.  I have also gotten used to the wacky sleep schedule the nurses have me on due to vital checks.  They wake me at 12 a.m., 4 a.m and 8 a.m.  Now, if you did that to me at home you would be putting yourself at risk for serious injury.  I guess they are just prepping me for the kid and the potentially hazardous sleep schedule he will have me on.  I say me because Kayvan sleeps through it ALL.  Every nurse check, visit from the doctor, breakfast arrival, you name it. I’m not too worried though.  Once we get home he won’t be able to sleep through me, half asleep whacking him in the head as I say, “Your turn!”

Yesterday Millie stopped by for a bit and I kicked Kayvan out.  Yes, kicked him out.  The nurses told me that I can wear NIGHTGOWNS now!!!  Someone had to go buy them.  I am so happy to be in clothing that closes in the back.  Kayvan also stopped by to say hi to our puppy and kitty.  I miss those little boogers so much and am so appreciative of all the friends and family helping us make sure they are taken care of right now.  I don’t think Sookie misses me at all.  That little girl loves new people so much that I’m sure she hips, hops and snorts for them like she did for me when I would come home from work each day.

I have mentioned to you that I have an amazing hubby, right?  He is seriously the most thoughtful person I know.  It’s the little things.  Yesterday when he ran to the store to get nighties for me he also picked up goofy hats to ring in the New Year.  He ordered dinner for us last night and I noticed that he stepped out of the room right after he said “I would like to place an order for pickup.”  Later he told me that his mom was picking up dinner before she came by so I just said OK.  He likes to surprise so I didn’t ask.  That earned me a “You didn’t ask what’s for dinner?”  I just smiled and said “Seemed like you were trying to surprise me?”

I know you want to know what we ate.  La Sandia!!!  My favorite Mexican food.  They have the BEST nachos (in our area at least).  Knowing they are my absolute fave, we had nachos and fajitas and chips and salsa.  They did screw our order up a bit.  Kayvan ordered corn tomal and they sent chicken tamales.  Oh well, that will be lunch today.  Momma-in-law joined us for dinner and I stuffed my face until I couldn’t anymore.

Kayvan and I played a killer game of scrabble and like usual, I lost.  We were tied until our last move and he whipped out two really high scores in a row.

I fell asleep a few hours before midnight and just asked Kayvan to wake me a few minutes before midnight, which he did.  We toasted over the sparkling grape juice Heather brought the night before, wished each other a Happy New Year and then the nurse came in for vitals.  Hey, it was midnight!

The kid seems to be getting the hang of this non-stress test thing.  This morning was very uneventful.  We were on the monitors for 20 whole minutes–a record I think.  His heart rate was great and we haven’t seen any doctors yet today.  A resident did stop by around 7:30 to quickly check in.  They have told me that if baby is born this early in the game I will have to have a classical c-section.  I’ve signed the waivers, did a bit of research and know the risks it holds but have come up with more questions for her.  I’m not exactly in love with the idea of the procedure but feel like it is without alternatives for baby’s safety and need to do some picking of the brain.

Momma-in-law just called.  She is at the house with our pets this morning.  Seems our refrigerator has kicked the bucket. I didn’t talk to her but could tell that whatever she was saying to Kayvan on the other end was stressing him out.  We’ve had “new refrigerator” on the list of household to-do’s and I thought it would be dying soon but guess it wasn’t on his radar.  Thankfully they deliver those things, take away the old ones AND we have a rebate from the government to buy a new one.  It is probably only a $60 rebate but hey, better than $0.  I guess I’ll get back on top of researching those.  I’m sure there are still some good sales for the holidays.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!  Here is some of our criteria:

Stainless Steel

Brand doesn’t matter as much as long as it is good.  Our dishwasher is Whirlpool but it doesn’t have to match.

Freezer on the bottom

Water filter (preferably on the INSIDE)

Ice maker

No wider than 34 inches (probably the hardest part)

Now, New Year’s Resolutions you ask?

Kayvan: To be a good husband and Dad.  (I told him that’s cheating because he already has it down.)

Jamie:  It WAS to start a new job and have a kid.  You see, I got a new job before I landed my butt in the hospital and as far as I know I get to keep it despite all of this.  That one is still on the list, of course.  This whole have a kid thing has been modified a bit.  Have a kid as close to April as possible sounds a bit better, don’t you agree?



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  1. Happy New Year Love!!!!!!!! I’m glad you have such a wonderful hubby…. and you are a wonderful wife! You are such an amazing, beautiful woman. One of the best friends I could ask for! I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for you – (including the bundle of joy you are baking in the oven). Love you!!!!!!

    • Happy New Year to you too! Hey, can’t be this amazing and beautiful without awesome friends like you, love. You have something on your nose. I think I might tool 😉

  2. Yummy! Those nachos look good! Sounds like you had a nice time spent with those you love! Hope this New Year brings you both much love and happiness, and a healthy bundle of joy…but not till Spring! Love ya!

    • You’ve had nachos from La Sandia, right? If not, make dinner plans STAT! It’s in Tyson’s. Thank you for the warm wishes.

  3. Hahaa, Colin slept through the baby crying in the hospital and when we got home. I ended up having to shake his shoulders to wake him up, but that still didn’t wake him up at times. I couldn’t believe he slept through a baby crying 1 foot away from him in the hospital.

  4. It’s amazing what people can sleep through. I used to say I could sleep through a fire alarm but my sleep habits have changed since I got pregnant. I can no longer sleep like the dead. I assume that Sophia is either closer to sleeping through the night or Colin has gotten used to you shaking him? 🙂

    • Same here, I was a heavy sleeper… I don’t wake him up anymore, not since he went back to work in the 4th week. He needs to be awake at work 🙂 Sophia is sleeping through the night now. She’ll go to bed around 6-7pm. I wake her up 11pm-12am to feed her, then sometimes she wakes up 4-5am to feed, and finally at 7:30-8:30am. Of course that’s on a good day which has been plenty in the last couple of weeks 🙂 Hey, it sounds like we’re on the same sleep schedule!

  5. Glad things are going well. Love ya!

  6. I had nachos on NYE too! I was at Uncle Julio’s having ‘chos and ‘ritas and I totally thought of you! But I didn’t want to message you, for fear of giving you food envy…little did I know you were enjoying the very same thing! ZOMG sympathy cravings! ^_^

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year and I’m still sending baby-stay-in-the-womb thoughts your way! :p

  7. […] cannot believe it.  I AM EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT!!!  I’m doing a darn good job of keeping my New Year’s Resolution so far.  I hear reminders from the nurses at least once a week as to how far we have made it on […]

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