Day 7: One WHOLE Week!

December 30, 2010 at 5:07 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 9 Comments

Can you believe we’ve been here for a week?  I can’t.  I’m not normally one to wish time away but thankfully this week has flown by.

The non-stress test lasted a little longer than we like this morning with the doctor coming in to look at the fetal heart rate 3 times and leaving after he said, “We will watch you for a few more minutes.”  I felt like a little kid being told “one more bite” over and over.  Baby boy had a few dips that they didn’t like–again–but eventually straightened his stuff out.  The doctor pops in each morning on his rounds and I have taken to telling him I don’t want to see him again until tomorrow.  Of course, today he didn’t listen at first but I think I’m done with him for the day.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s really great but it isn’t a good sign to see him too often!

The new year is quickly approaching and I’m beginning to think it isn’t such a bad thing that hubby and I never really made a decision about our plans.  I’m thinking we will just go with our impulses!  Like we have lots of options.  🙂  This is the first year we have been “home” for the holiday in the past 5 years.  We normally take a trip to the mountains with friends over New Year’s and hope the ski conditions aren’t crappy.  They usually are so we end up sitting around, staring at each other, doing puzzles and playing drinking games like our very own “Beer Olympics”.  No, we aren’t college students.  There were more babies in the house last year so we cut back on the drinking games part of course.  I also came home with strep throat last year–booo!  We opted out of the trip this year to enjoy our “last year without kids.”  It BETTER stay that way!!!  We don’t want any babies until well after the new year.

Funny thing is, I’ve mentioned I’m a planner.  When Hubby and I decided to get pregnant I specifically told him that I DO NOT want to have a winter baby, most specifically, NO MORE JANUARY BIRTHDAYS.  When we got pregnant I was very happy to have an April due date.  I just didn’t think that kiddo would have a mind of his own and decide that he wanted to be a January baby like the rest of his family members and some of our close friends.

Here is a list of the January birthdays I will be making it through pregnant:

January 3 – Step-dad

January 6 – Janelle

January 9 – My cousin Jessy

January 12 – ME!, our friend Andrea

January 13 – Kayvan’s best bud Juan

January 17 – My brother Jeremy, step-sister Nikki and our pup Sookie

January 19 – Best bud Terri

January 21 – Aunt Chris

January 22 – My brother Andrew

I think that’s everyone–or everyone I can think of right now.  Oh, and did I mention, hubby’s birthday is December 17th.  With Christmas and New Year’s the winter is already busy enough. Sorry if I left ya off!  Just so all of you January babes know, we’re going to have to take a rain check on your birthday festivities this year but I may still be able to send a card your way.  😉



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  1. I have a few more to add:
    Austin (nephew) – January 5
    Gabby (niece) – January 10
    Trinity (niece) – January 12 – same as you.

    LOL! 🙂

    I think that covers the rest of January. If I remember more I’ll let you know. 🙂

    Miss you and hope I get to see you either today or tomorrow!!!!

    • Holy cow you’re fast! Thanks for the help!! I hope your cold is going AWAY!!

  2. yeah we have alot of Jan also. chris’s is the 7th. Its ok little one wont be a Jan baby :o) how long do they think you can make it? at least Feb?

    • Oh ya! Chris too!! They haven’t given us an ETA. Just one day at a time.

  3. Thinking of u guys. Matt is drinking enough to make up for all the friends that didn’t make it up this year.

    • Hahah, so happy to hear it! Have him drink a glass of champagne for me tonight! Are bloody mary’s still on the breakfast menu?

      • Yes. Stace and Matt a. Had a few this morning

  4. Hi guys,

    We’re happy to hear things are improving. We’re stopping by this weekend.
    Happy Holidays!

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