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The standard routine went well this morning. No fever, low blood pressure but the doctors are okay with that, good fetal heart rate and only one contraction during the non-stress test.

Momma in law brought Peruvian chicken for dinner and I think that may have been the very best meal I’ve had in a really really long time. Sister-in-law and her fam stopped by for a bit yesterday and brought along girlie smelly things for me now that I can shower. They also brought along some ADORABLE cupcake ornaments for the tree. Way cute, can’t wait to put them on the tree next year too. Kayvan and I decided that this tree is going to go in kiddo’s room every Christmas. It’s only fitting since that’s how we started out.

Okay, so I’m not Oprah but I thought it would be light hearted and fun to share my favorite things from the past week with all of you.

1) The baby IN my belly.

2) My super amazing and supportive husband.

3) My awesome family and friends who have sent so many sweet messages and put me and baby in their thoughts and prayers this week.

4) Being put up in such an amazing hospital with Doctors and Nurses who are so great at what they do–preemie babies. It really helps ease the mind knowing we are in such good hands.

Now that we’ve covered the important top-of-list things there are a few key material items to share too. I mean, let’s face it. I can’t have my clothes (darn you hospital gown!), I’m not wearing make up or doing my hair these days but there are just some things that help with comfort.

TEH INTERNETZ for which I would be so utterly lost and bored without. As my hubby said, “We didn’t have the internet when I was in the hospital.” I swear, he makes himself sound so old sometimes.

My Brookstone Nap Blanket might make me look like Linus from “Charlie Brown” but it so helps me sleep at night when hubby has to sleep in a separate bed. I loved this thing before I was admitted to the hospital but I love it even more now.

Body Shop Hemp Hand protector. Now don’t get me wrong, I love moisturizers of all sorts right now and my Palmer’s pregnancy lotion is high up on that list but my body shop hemp hand protector is totally saving the day. The water, soap and air here are all so dry that my skin has followed suit and man does it get itchy!! Especially when you are washing your hands a bazillion times a day trying to make sure you don’t get any sort of infection.

Body Shop Hemp Lip protector was a total lifesaver when I was on magnesium. I was so hot and so parched 200% of the time that my lips were really dry and I put it on at least twice an hour. We lost it for a day after I moved up here from Labor and Delivery. I thought I was going to cry. My lips were just so icky. I will say, now that I’m off of the magnesium I really don’t need it quite as much.

Crocheting. I haven’t started on anything just yet but now that the IV is out of my left arm (I’m a lefty) I asked Kayvan to pick up my yarn and needles and I can’t wait to make something cute. I’m thinking a monkey hat is first in order.

All of this talk about The Body Shop (one of my favorite stores) has led me to their website, of course and I may very well get myself into some trouble today. In an effort to raise funds to stop sex trafficking they have 50% off your purchase when you buy the $5 bag for life. Um, yes please?! I love companies for cause–especially when they give me, the consumer, incentive to help.

Yesterday Kayvan ran out for a bit which made me really happy. He stopped by the house and took my brother who is watching it out for lunch. They went by the paint store and picked out some paint samples. We are totally not ready for the baby to get here yet. All we have is a crib with no mattress and a Paul Frank onsie that I impulsively bought because it was $8 and absolutely adorable. We do have a registry though and have picked out our bedding so I’m looking forward to matching up the paint samples to the bedding and picking out colors.

Those of you who know us know I’m a tad bit of a planner. I’m going to admit something really, really nerdy right here.

…I PhotoShopped what I want the nursery to look like.

Now that we have that out in the open I may as well share the picture with you, right? I’m also picky and of course don’t like the decals that come with the bed set so I’m planning to design some and have them custom printed. That way when this little booger is too old for monkeys to be considered cool anymore I don’t have to re-paint. I can just rip those bad boys off of the wall.



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  1. You are just too cute! Love yah!

  2. I have to agree, you’re pretty darn adorable. I don’t know you personally but I’m an April mamma from WTE. I read your blog and am amazed at how you are handling such a difficult situation. I certainly hope I don’t find myself in your shoes but am really comforted that, G-d forbid, if I did I could handle it with the positive attitude that you have. Really wishing for the best for you and your little one and will be checking in on you daily. Hang in there mamma and keep inspiring us all!

    • Aw, thank you! That is just so sweet of you to say. Hey, at least me being in here decreases everyone elses odds, right? (Sorry, my sick sense of humor is starting to kick in.)

      • Very sick sense of humor… that’s why we love you though. :0)

  3. Hang in there!!!

  4. Hey girl!! I’m a fellow April mommy on WTE. I just wanted to let you know I think of you and pray and read daily. You are so strong and deserve the best. It’s so great to see that you have such a strong support group. Stay pregnant mama!!!

    • Thank you for your prayers and support! Staying pregnant as possible!

  5. photo shop.. really..:oP I was just talking to Chris about this subject last night! ( of course I hadnt had a chance to look at your blog yet ) I said I know jamie isnt ready and this is driving her nuts! and of course you have a ton of people that would totally have every detail taken care of.. but as we KNOW.. it wouldnt be done “Jamie” style. we are here for whatever you need done!

    • LOL! What can I say? You know me. We will work it out. I keep telling Kayvan that we will most likely have time with him in the NICU to prepare.

  6. […] I wanted to.  I shared my time between putzing on my iPhone (something I should have added to my favorite things post) and sort of mindlessly staring at the walls.  I didn’t feel like doing anything really.  […]

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