Day 6: You’re So Teeny!

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Words no pregnant wants to hear. “You’re so small!” The first few days down in Labor and Delivery I heard it a TON. Probably because they are used to hanging out with mommas who are 40 weeks pregnant. I was 23 weeks and that’s a big difference. I even heard it a lot from co-workers before I landed myself in the hospital. I’m a little girl and I’m pregnant with a boy so I was all belly. But I had a

belly darn it!

21 Weeks 5 Days Pregnant

I have noticed that my belly has sort of disappeared since the day my water broke. This is of course because there is relatively no amniotic fluid left for baby to swim around in. On Christmas day my dad said “Now I can see that you do have a little belly.” To which I had to respond, “That’s the fetal monitors.” Hopefully my belly will continue to grow some more while I’m here but in the meantime I have proof for all of you that I DID have a belly, even if it was only for a few weeks.

I typically heard the “teeny” comment from the nurses when the little guy would swim away from the fetal heart monitor. He does not like that thing. I mentioned that I’m not on the monitors all day anymore. I only have to wear it in the mornings now for the non-stress test for about an hour or so (depending on how baby does) but it takes the nurses a bit to find where he is hiding. This morning the nurse finally found him and he sat still for 14 whole minutes before she had to come in and move the monitors around, find him again and start the clock all over. It makes me laugh a bit when the monitors are on because he will kick at them. I guess he doesn’t like the pressure from those things now that the amniotic fluid is low.

The non-stress test went a lot better this morning. I learned something VERY important yesterday that I applied today. EAT BEFORE the non-stress test because if it doesn’t go well I don’t get food until the doctors like what they see. Kayvan was happy with the non-stress results too and actually ran home for a bit to get some things done. He’s going to wash the blanket that I have refused to spend a night without and bring my soap, shampoo and conditioner. They let me shower yesterday for the first time since being admitted and the stuff they have here really dries me out.

I promised Kayvan that I would order lunch at noon since it takes 45 minutes for food to get here. I’m cracking up because I just got a text message from him at 11:55 that says “Order food!” Dude, I’m pregnant. You don’t have to remind ME to eat.



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  1. Look at the belly! 🙂

  2. Hi Jamie – thank you so much for blogging so all of us can keep up with how you’re doing. I’m checking in on your blog every day and thinking of you every day! Sending you lots of good vibes. You are AMAZING!!! I want to come visit you next week. I can bring you lunch from anywhere you’d like in the Tyson’s/ Merrifield area – so think about it and I’ll be in touch. xo

    • Hi Michelle! We would love to see you. You totally know the way to my heart, food from the “outside”! Call/come by whenever it is convenient for you. You are at the cabin this week right? Enjoy all of the time with the babies playing together. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  3. You look great with your baby bump 🙂 It sounds like I didn’t need to remind you to think positive, you guys are both doing a great job doing that already! We are so relieved to know that they are taking such good care of you. I’m hoping to be able to come down to visit you once we find a bottle Sophia will take. She went on a bottle strike about a month ago, so I have to be available for feedings.

    • Thanks Hyun-ae! Bottle strike? Oh no–you tell that girl to quit being so picky and to take what she gets! You poor thing. I hope this picky eater thing only spans the infant stage and doesn’t grow into her toddler years. Regardless, I wouldn’t want to tear you away from her. We will be here plenty long for you to visit whenever you like.

  4. Thanks for sharing your blog with us (i’m from WTE). I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping for the best. Keep that little one cooking!

    • Thank you so much! We’re going to keep this one baking for a while. We don’t want you guys kicking me off of the April boards for having him too early, now do we?!

  5. yay belly! I hope it contiunes to grow. we love you! see you soon!

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